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Rockin Robin

1:44:55 PM

Dear Friends,

A HEARTY THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for my family and I !! Thankyou Tea, Nancy, JoAnna and Terrry for the prayers, kind words, and requests for prayers!! Boy, it is so,,,wonderful to have friends like all of you!! God has truly blessed me with fantastic friendships in this community!!!

This community is my family along with my real family!! You are all so precious to me!!

Thank you all again!!

All my Love,
Rockin Robin

3:39:53 PM

I am sending extra special prayers to one of our very dear community members,

Robin. Her Sunday devotional is always fantastic.

Robin has reached out to many of the newbies with heartfelt devotion. She prays for us all. Now it is time for us to pray for her and her family.

God Bless you my dear friend,

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