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5:36:02 PM

Hello, Agent B1.

I’m not entirely sure who you are, although I have seen your posts before.

I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter! I will make sure to keep her in my prayers. I know the virus has hit certain countries in Europe (especially Italy) with its fullest force. What unfortunate timing for her travel.

May God bless both of you.

Agent B1

11:37:22 AM

Hi Mel and Fellow Warriors:

This is a request for prayers for my daughter to help her through this crisis of the newest mysterious assault on heath-COVID-19 (virus).

I have been up all week praying.

She traveled to the UK, Italy and France a month ago and came home battling a sore throat and then a challenge into her lungs. She went back and forth to urgent care and is now at home on oxygen. She is asthmatic which further complicates things. There were no testing kits when she first started the symptoms so she was told at urgent care that this virus was suspected.

I am asking for prayers from warriors who know the power of prayer. Trusting God, and thanking all of you in advance of our Sunday prayer and fellowship time.....

May we all continue to be careful and courageous as we stay prayed up and on our God sent protocol for all of our individual and collective challenges.

Love, peace and prayer:
Agent B1

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