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5:12:11 PM

Hi Eric,

You asked what indications I have that I still have a "big mite problem"? That is a good question and as I ponder it I realize it does not seem nearly as bad as it used to. The challenge has been that I have never been able to see them.
Once in a while when I pull out and handle something that I haven't used in a while, I feel some of the stinging feeling on my hand and arms. That happened last week. After spraying with Kleen Green several times over the space of an hour or so, I did not feel it anymore.
I do have "new to me" furniture that I have had wrapped in plastic since last August because I do not want them to get invaded by the mites. I am thinking to wait to take them out of the plastic sheeting until I am over this. I got rid of some other furniture that the mites had spread to.

Last summer I felt quite bothered by the stinging pinprick feelings. It was very unnerving, especially when it was hot and humid. This summer I have two air conditioners which help me stay cool. If I get too warm, for example making the mistake of being in the car w/out the AC turned on, it is as if there is movement or slight stinging. Hard to describe...
Also, I used to feel them often during the night last winter, but I don't feel the stinging as often during since March, when I began the Protocol.
If you have more questions, I will be glad to respond.

Karen (the librarians)

9:25:42 AM
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What indications are there in house that you still have a “big mites problem”?

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