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10:37:29 AM

Hi Jamie,

Welcome back!

It was refreshing to hear from Mel that your physician actually suggested that you get back on the protocol... we need more physicians who will prioritize their patients best interests over the pressure to conform to "standard of care".

Any of the capsules may be emptied out and added to liquid (I add most of mine to my morning smoothie) but a few are more challenging to tolerate from a taste standpoint... such as those containing bitter herbs or glandular extracts. Those would include Liver CS Plus, Candida Rid, Immune Pulse and Parabolish.

Alternatively, for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules (such as Complete Thymic Formula), we often suggest they take them literally with food. Chew up a bite of food thoroughly and before you swallow it add a tablet or capsule in and swallow it down with the food.

Works like a charm!

You remain in our prayers Jamie. Call me when you get a break... I have some thoughts to share regarding your peptide experiment.




5:25:04 PM

Hello, John!

I have a quick question. Which of the Logos supplements on the protocol can be emptied from their capsules and taken in powder form—like mixed in with a liquid? I already crush my breakfast Thymic. I take the extension protocol plus Zycran and Cat’s Claw (not a Logos product).


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