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Questions 1st post.

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3:39:06 PM

Dear Sonja,

Please know healing does and will take time. I want to encourage you to take this one step at a time. You ask great and valid questions, but start by working on one thing at a time.

FIRST: You must restore your bio-terrain in order for everything else to begin healing. "The human biological terrain (bio-terrain) is the cumulation of all the systems in the body that nourish, maintain, and protect us, especially the microbiome in the gut." (Logo's Nutritional).

NEXT: You need to take the proper supplements and eat a healthy diet in order to first restore and then maintain your system. You might want to consider some coaching sessions as you begin the protocol especially when you are experiencing brain fog. Brain fog is most definitely part of this disease. But again, one step at a time so you do not become overwhelmed.

ALSO: Please focus on the cure and not the symptoms. Try researching diet and food recipes on this website that others have shared. There is a variety of healthy foods you can eat; so do not worry about trying to eat certain foods you believe you have allergies to.

LAST: Research the protocol and the many benefits you get from taking each of the supplements. There is also a protocol for Lyme's that is outline for you. Although I am back to living my life after this disease, the basic protocol is part of my daily routine.

I must continue to remind you that this process takes time, patience, perseverance, and Prayers. But you WILL get well! "May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance." 2 Thessalonians 3:5

In Christ,

8:29:11 AM

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Hi Sonja!

Welcome and I’m so glad your here! I know you’ll find this community extremely helpful. I have found over the years I’ve been connected to be so helpful with our health problems because many of us share the same things.

I can totally relate to your issue with menopause and I know that diet plays a huge factor in all of that when it comes to hot flashes. As you decrease your carb intake that will help a lot, but there are also other foods. One you could refer to is called nightshades. (I know another link & once I remember the other link I will post it for you to look at but hopefully that’s a start.)

Another thing I’d like to comment on is in regards to your memory/brain fog. That’s also been a huge challenge for me for multiple reasons, so I can tell you that in time as your infection becomes to decrease your memory will begin to increase. You’ll also note that the lower you can keep your carb count the more it will help with your memory.

Lastly, I recommend this because I’ve learned it myself. It’s always best to keep everything in writing.
I organize, have schedules and that seems to help quite a bit. It will take some time, but you will get better and your memory will improve.

In your journey along the way you’ll learn of some other creative ideas to be organized. Another great way and one of my favorites is too have a weekly meal schedule and meal prepping once weekly will help your evenings be easier and not be so hard on you.

I hope this helps and hopefully I can answer more questions soon.

Go easy on yourself, take a deep breath, and know you can do this!

Love, hugs and prayers.

9:35:52 AM

Morgellons -

Regarding Lyme , I have had since I was 23 years old, now 51 and just figured out all these painful years what the problem is and now I can focus on the problem, full well knowing that God has guided me here. I do not have the Morgellons, though I do itch into the night most days. Definitely have crawling, prickling, itching sensations under the skin, eyebrows, scalp etc. I am itching more after reading/ listening to this beautiful site. I am happy to take this journey with everyone here and have been aware of Morgellons as a reality for people for years.

Here are some questions for the Saturday calls, as I dive in to protocol, today being my first day!! My 9 yr old daughter Frieda will start hers tomorrow. (Lyme) I am about to have a grumpy girl. (No sugar. She does maple syrup most days) This will end tomorrow.

#1 I am peri menopause and have been given Chinese herbs for hot flashes. I definitely test for low estrogen. I get overheated multiple times a day, and feel like a hot swamp inside, that is when I’m not freezing. Can I take this focused supplement and or is there a better focused product taken with Mels protocol ?

I have I hard time keeping my joints and muscles online , meaning they go out all the time( frozen shoulder 2 times on opposite sides this last year alone,) and thus I cannot do my work for months at a time. I have lots of swelling of muscles and pulling of muscles and pain, even with all the PT, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture that I do in order to function. Praising God for the best insurance of my life, that covers a decent amount a year of the alternative care mentioned. The worst pain is in my neck, shoulders and ribs and shoulder blade areas, and low back and pelvis. I have 4 moderately protruding disks in my neck and 1 in low back. Autoimmune arthritis I hear is common with Lyme, and I imagine it is because of the bacteria and confections that I am not clear on what I have specifically. I discovered the Lyme though dark field microscopy at the West clinic with Dr West in Pocatello Idaho only in October 2022. It made the most sense of my life as to why I have suffered. It all fit the long puzzle. I do remember a bite and rash and subsequent crash in bed for 2 years with brain inflammation and pain that did improve but would always come back through the years just not as bad as those first 2 years in bed.

#2 Is there something else besides the basic protocol I could be taking now to help with this problem of musculoskeletal imbalances?

So that I might get back to baking? As baking has been my job the last 4 years. Praise God my husband is able to take over while I am not physically functioning. Though that gives him no time off. I think my diet is fairly in sync with recommended diet as I have been working on that since my mid 20s, with many breaks in between. I will follow diet recommended here.

#3 a.
Eggs . My daughter tested blood allergy to eggs. Made sense of why she threw up as a young child. We avoid eggs for her. Perhaps I could retest as these things can change, though she does get a tummy ache when they get slipped in. What is a good way to feed her without the eggs?
#3 b.
I have been avoiding eggs myself as I found EBV retroactive virus in my blood tests a few years back and had been following Kasia Kines dietician protocol for this. She has the EBV Global Institute online and her thick book titled The EBV Solution. She is big on the idea that eggs feed viral loads, and so I stopped eating them thinking that EBV was my main infection. I would love to go back to eating them. It makes breakfast so easy. I did gain some health doing her antiviral protocol which had a similar but different focus. Vit C selenium, lemon balm, zinc, d3 w K , licorice root, just off the top of my head. Do I eat eggs?

I’m spinning circles trying to remember what I was doing at home. I have gotten into the habit of talking out load, because if I hear myself I am less likely to forget. I forget what people’s names are, names of local stores, etc and my list
Is protocol going to help with poor brain function?
Is there more of a focus for that that I can turn to?

I know it can get better as my brain came back online with that recent visit to the Pocatello clinic, though it was short lived, (3 months) and the clinic is way out of financial bounds. Mel says the IVs are not good long term on the body.

Thanks for dealing with my poor grammar. I have always been more on the artsy side, A Florist, yoga instructor, and LMT for 30 years all together. All in the past now as God guides my life through this illness. I love baking now, it’s simple and I can set my own hours and work around my daughters school schedule and my little family as we navigate this windy path together.