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7:18:35 PM

Hi Cheryl,

I'm a big fan of the rescue soup. Here's why:

1. It's super easy to make.

2. It's enough for several servings.

3. It just makes me feel better in general.

4. It's pretty filling, even though it's basically broth with celery leaves in it.



4:53:12 PM

Hi, I actually made rescue soup today. I don't have a cold but know that celery is good for many other things so I tried it.

It didn't make me tired, if anything it gave me some energy. I've been cleaning, took my granddaughter to an oral surgeon to find out her bottom tooth is loose and she might lose it.

We came home and I am still going. The soup was good and I will definitely be making it again. I also used bone broth that I had on hand and I would probably use less pepper next time. I recommend making it.


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