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9:00:08 AM

Morgellons -

Thank you so much for sharing Karen and I'm glad it resolved itself quickly for you. That bill, wow!

I'll up the dose to 6 for the next few days to give it a blast, 4 is working well. Not sure if it is shingles as there is no pain like there was last time, but applying coconut oil/ silver msm cream and the monolaurin seems to help.

Lots of love,


3:21:22 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Timothy,

Yes...I had what my doctor determined to be shingles in September of 2017. It never came through the was all under, but it was extremely painful. It took about a week, a trip to the emergency room, and visits to two doctors to finally figure it out. In the process, Mel contacted John B. who advised doubling up on the monolaurin. If I remember correctly, he had me take two tablets three times a day. I really don't remember the exact amount he suggested, but maybe John is reading this and can weigh in.

In any case, I finally got it diagnosed a couple of days after I'd started the monolaurin and by the time I went to the third doctor, I'd already gotten significantly better. I went ahead and took the prescription the doctor gave me along with it, but my sense of it is I probably could have done without the prescription and just had the monolaurin.

My out of pocket cost for the trip to the emergency room where they couldn't figure it even with all kinds of tests was over SEVENTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. Additionally, I had to wait hours and hours, and hang out in waiting rooms filled with people as sick as or sicker than I was.

In my job, we renew our benefits at this time of year and they begin in January of the following year. I'm in the process of choosing packages and it occurs to me that the prices increase every year at about the same rate as the services decline.

So...what to do? One could get hurt and require a doctor for a broken bone, etc., so doing without insurance would be ridiculous. hope is to continue to build my health with Logos plus healthy eating for preventative measures and to avoid as much damage control care (what I call how our medical system approaches care) as possible.

Really was amazing how quickly the monolaurin worked. Give it a try, and I hope you get relief asap.



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