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Rockin Robin

4:02:51 PM

Dear Diana,

I am so proud of you!! You are attacking this thing with gusto and are speaking like a true warrior!! Hang in there girlfriend, it will eventually get better!!

Take only one day at a time and follow the rules!! You will have victories one day at a time!! Each day is a day closer to complete healing!!

I find it helps to write my feelings and thoughts down. Something you might like to read at the end of this journey.

And start your own thread where you can post or ask Mel how to. Everything you post will be kept there.

I love you girl and have faith in you!! You know I'm here!!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin
Romans 8: 12-30
Rockin Robin

3:34:47 PM

Dear Ward & Timothy,

Hello, I know you both don't know me, but I know you through Mel and the community. I've read some of your posts!

I think you are much better and nearing the end?? Much encouragement and praise to you both!

Please let us hear from you, I would love to hear your stories and an update on how you are and how your doing?!

I get so much hope and learn so much from hearing other sufferers stories.

Just thinking about you!!

In His Love, Rockin Robin

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