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Nelson / Mel

9:19:46 AM

Hello Everyone,

My dear friend Nelson sent this to me and asked that I share it with you!
He is also my bible teacher and I have great respect for his thouhts.
I have always said knowledge is power!

God bless you all,
Nelson / Mel


7:54:18 PM

Hi Everyone! If you all are not aware of the FDA recall of Zantac, this is a heads up. Here's an email notice I received from Mackay Rippey of It's quite shocking.

God bless all of you and NEVER give up!

"What the FDA is not telling you about Zantac

Dear Lyme Ninja,

Just in time for Thanksgiving you have probably heard about the recall of various forms of the popular over the counter antacid, Zantac. However, the FDA has not followed up on the whistleblower's full complaint. You need to know the whole story and here's why.

The FDA is highlighting the contamination of some of the generic forms with the cancer causing drug, N-nitrosodimethylamine. This chemical is used in cancer reseach to cause cancer, so there is no doubt this chemical is highly dangerous.

But that's just part of the story. The laboratory which alerted the FDA to the problems with ZANTAC also reported that Zantac will spontaneously generate small amounts of N-nitrosodimethylamine on it's own.

That's right. The chemical formula of Zantac breaks down in to N-nitrosodimethylamine all by itself. That means long time use of Zantac may cause cancer. The experts think it leads particularly to bladder cancer.

So take your Zantac back to the store you bought it from and have them dispose of it like the toxic chemical it is. DO NOT throw it away or flush it. We do not need more of that toxin in our environment.

There are plenty of non cancer causing antacids out there. So there is no good reason to continue using Zantac. If you need to use an antacid, choose something else. And if you have frequent heartburn, droop me a line, You don't have to suffer.

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving,

Mackay Rippey
Lyme Ninja Radio

P.S. Be sure to share this with friends and family."

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