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11:40:12 AM

Dear All,

What a wonderful conference call Saturday was!!!!!!

It was full of fun, wisdom, creativity, knowledge and laughter :-).

What can I say other than well done to all who participated in the competition!

I was in awe that despite being unwell and many having brain fog also, the caliber of the entries was absolutely excellent.

I laughed out loud at the wonderful songs that were written by Micky, Robin and Karen the librarian.

And Micky when you sang yours out with such gusto it was great!!!!

Diana, you doing a hilarious little video with Mel as a superhero, was quirky and fun and made me laugh out loud.

Karen your art work and micky's re, 'the sum of the parts,' was awesome.

Maria that was a beautiful, artistic and informative video.

Karrianne and Joe hats off to you both for your informative, funny and very brave, 'you tube,' video. It was lovely also to see you both.

Robin I'm so glad you got a prize in the end for coming second in every single category.

Thanks too for the very helpful, informative entries like Terry's.

Thanks to all who took part. Thanks to all who organised it. Thanks to all who voted.


4:26:24 AM

Hello Folks

I just listened to the call, and I heard some very clear and concise descriptiion of the parts of this protocol, what they do, and how they fit together to restore our terrain and bring about wellness.

Wonderful example of teamwork too! Loved that it will bring bout better understanding.

Strength and Love,

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