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Saturday’s BYOQ with Newbies

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8:52:07 AM


Hi everyone.

I've not been able to come the last few weekends as well as this one. Being the last hired and people in our office having covid I have had to cover. I have next two Sundays off.

I have however listened to the calls and they have been great! I always learn something new or remember something old.

Thank you everyone for your input and for. Being there. It just gets better all the time.

Blessings an love

8:52:07 AM

Morgellons -

It goes without saying that Saturday’s Coffee, Tea and Me (BYOQ edition with new members) was the most fitting way to end 2020 and start 2021. Mel ensured community members and Warriors were available to participate and help answer questions from couples Erin and Michael, and Diane and Paul. It was a great way to meet these wonderful people who have come to this community in search for hope - which we can all say definitively, “YES! This is where people come to regain hope!”

Topics covering diet and nutrition, protocol supplements, WPS usage and navigating social environments were addressed. There was no lack in community members wanting to provide their own experiences and encouragement to get coaching with Mel, come to the weekend calls, and read, read, read the website forum posts. Mel allowed ample time for each new person to ask questions throughout the call and, of course, provided his insight whenever a more sensitive topic came up.

Such a great call and testament to this community and what we do for each other - we provide the best kind of support, hope and love that no doctor or medical professional can truly understand. To our newest members, this community is excited and looking forward to walking with you through your journey. It is difficult, it is challenging, and it will take time, patience and prayer to recover. But when you come to this place, get coaching with Mel and apply - consistently - the Sum of the Parts, you WILL regain hope and get better.

To all of you - WELCOME!

Coffee, Tea with Me BYOQ Saturday 01-02-21

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