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Saturdays call with Robert Scott Bell

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6:50:02 PM

Morgellons -

Hi everyone
I was so glad to be able to be on the call Saturday. It was very informative and I learned some things about covid I didnt know.

It was great to hear Peter as well. He always has great info to pass down. I will be coming as often as I can now that I dont work every Saturday.

I hope everyone is having a great week.


Rockin Robin
6:50:02 PM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone,

This Saturday's call was honored by a popular and well appreciated guest and friend, Robert Scott Bell. Also on the call, was our very own brother in the community, Peter.

Robert gave an update on COVID-19 and basically there is a lot more to be discovered. Pay attention and do not be deceived. There are flaws in the testing methods which can lead to inaccurate conclusions.

He also talked about technology to help with 5G and the challenges in dealing with radio frequencies.

Robert and Peter both brought a vast amount of helpful information about our bodies being like eco-systems in and of themselves. Information on how chemicals in hand sanitizers and other products can be harmful to our bodies.

Members in the community asked questions and were given great answers and information.

The science behind much of what was discussed was phenomenal and provided by Robert Scott Bell and Peter. Thank you so much guys for the sharing of your knowledge and research!

It certainly helps us to better understand what effects our bodies and systems. They gave advice on more natural ways to cleanse and heal our bodies.

This was a great call ! If you missed it, be sure to take the time to listen to the recording of it !!

Thank you again Robert and Peter! What a great job!

Thank you Mel for bringing this forward and always providing us with valuable information to help us on our healing journeys!!

There's a bonus, after this call, Mel, Miles and Joe had a three way call about diet. Just answering a few question Miles had, certainly worth listening to!

Rockin Robin,
For Freddie
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 11/07/20

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