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Saturday's call 5/15/21 with Tea about Essential Oils

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12:34:00 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Y’all!!

The Saturday Essential Oil Call was so nice we’ll be doing a call on your Vita Flex Points and using your Essential Oils!!

So please be sure to make time, Saturday, May 29th!

Will be discussing the right, the wrongs and location, location, location!

Please, please don’t miss out just bring your hamburgers, veggies and questions for the call!!

“See” you there!

10:26:13 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Freddie!

Thank you so much for sharing a quick overview of all the information that was shared. I had so much fun sharing!! I’m looking forward to doing a call on the vita flex points as I think that help everyone!


12:34:00 PM

Morgellons -

What a great call this Saturday

Our guest speaker was Tea, who told us about some Essential oils and the benefits gained by using them.

Here are the ones Tea talked about ...

Lemon Grass
and Tea tree oil

Tea mentioned that we should always use a carrier oil and suggested Sweet Almond, coconut oil or even our own preferred body lotion could be suitable to dilute the essential oil but a skin test first, Tea recommends that when trying these different essential oils, be cautious with the amount used as some might not agree with everyone.

Tea said when using Essential oils in a diffuser never add a carrier only use water otherwise the diffuser will clog, lost of great information was greatly received by the members and Tia said that she would give a more in depth talk on vital points, at the beginning of the talk she mentioned two vital points and they were the big toe and thumb, if you massage clove into either of these it helps with one's memory.

Thank you so much Tia for being Saturday's speaker, it was most interesting and we all are looking forward to hearing your next talk.

Mel thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes and for arranging today's contest ...well done to Ava and Nancy for guessing the weight of the fish hanging from Mel's mouth, that is what you call a real trout pout!

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 05-15-21

Listen o Audio