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Saturday's conference call with Mel

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Rockin Robin
8:16:35 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Freddie,

Thank you for the updates on the Coffee, Tea with Me Sat. Conference calls. I read each one for review and especially if I miss a week and a call. And, thank you for helping Mel, who is always so busy and I know needs and appreciates the help.

Just wanted you to know I appreciate you and what you do for all of us!!!

Love & Hugs Rockin Robin

Fredddie bean
8:16:35 AM

Thank you Mel for such a great call, even though we didn't have a guest speaker.

The call was really interesting with lots of questions from old and new members and many answers for all, except for one and that is how to get rid of Biofilm from one's skin, this has always been an unknown.

So, if anyone has any idea if this is achievable please let us know!

Mel says,"when you restore your health it will disappear."

Everyone joined in with lots of the topics.... Apple cider vinegar, Oatmeal and where to buy the best product, WPS and where this can be used , MSM and how this can be so good for us , CBD oil which seems to be a favorite with many to help with sleep issues and where and which one to purchase. and the bane of our lives mold in our homes!

We are so fortunate to have such a safe, honest place to go for information and support during the battle with Morgellons and we are all indebted to Mel for his hard work and patience with getting us through difficult times that we first faced and the positive/can do attitude he promotes, as we gently rid ourselves of this disease.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me BYOQ 09-26-20

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