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10:19:56 AM

Dear Cathee

I picked up my parcel from you today, it was just a real tonic receiving such a wonderful generous gift.

On my letter from the depot it said there was a postage charge of £24/$32., well what happened next is amazing.....

I presented my credit card to the card machine when the chap asked for payment then he said "oh wait a minute" then after tapping on his key board, he said it seems like someone has already paid your postage since arriving at the depot.

Well I stood there thinking that chap is going to say oh my mistake, but he didn't, he past me the parcel and wished me a good day. I wonder who paid it for me, I think it was a force from above, who knew I was not having a good time of late.

Thank you so very much Cathee

Freddie x


8:51:14 AM

I received my package from Kathee at Natural Genesis. Best Christmas present ever.

I cant thank you enough. It is so generous and the products are amazing.

Bless you Kathee!!

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