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Rockin Robin

2:28:37 PM

Dear Ruth Ann,

Was so glad to see your post and that you are much better! I have been praying for you and wanting your symptoms to ease and comfort and peace to be poured out on you!!

Pray for my legs, ankles, and feet which get almost well and then start up again with a few stings which leads to the rash.

Loved your prayer and update on the phone call! It is good to have you back almost free from shingles. I've never had them, but have had relatives who have had them and know they are so painful!

You will still be in my prayers and I love getting to know you!

Love Your Sister In Christ, Rockin Robin

8:16:28 PM

Ruth Ann,

I am so sorry you had to endure all of the pain associated with Shingles.

MONOLAURIN was a very effective supplement that helped me get rid of the Shingles! I am very happy to hear that you are returning to good health.

When I had the Shingles my main symptoms was itching, with very little pain! I think the minimal pain factor, was because I started MONOLAURIN right away.

Thanks to Mel’s guidance!

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