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Rockin Robin

10:37:34 PM
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Dear Nancy,

It was so good to hear you on the phone call and your wonderful prayer! Your attitude is inspiring, I can tell you get it !

Just a quick word of encouragement, you will be better in no time and feeling much better. Hang in there dear friend!

Praying for you and love you sister!! Let me know if I can answer questions or help!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Proverbs 30:5
1 John 5:14
Jeremiah 29:12
Mark 11:24
Claim these promises, speak & pray them!!
Rockin Robin

8:12:07 PM

Dear Nancy,

Your post was so sweet!! I love Christmas Carol!! It's a good one!! Tell Mel you like that one!!!

So sorry you are suffering!! About the house, I can tell you no exterminating will work. I spent a fortune and it never really helped!. Use that money to buy Kleen Green and WPS. Those are the best products to fight the crawlies.

I clean the floors and the counters with Kleen Green duluted with water as instructed on the container.

I think you can use the WPS in the rooms, one room at a time because you don't want to inhale the fumes or smell. They talked about using 50 or 60 drops mixed in a glass bowl in the middle of the floor in a closet, room, or floor of the car. Others said this works, but you may have to do it twice etc...

Talk to Mel about it and get his expert advice. The WPS works fantastic on clothes (laundry) and I'll be happy to help you with that when your ready.

WE have the answers for you, but it can be overwhelming at first. There is a lot to learn and put into practice, but in 3 months you won't believe how much better your going to be!

Tell Mel everything, he has the answers! And do coaching if you can! Don't be afraid to tell us your woes and ask for answers on the phone calls or posts.

We are here to help!! Mel will eventually give you one of us to befriend, but he is very careful about phone numbers! It is for safety and our protection. He feels very responsible and wants only the best for us.

Dear Nancy, I once was right where you are!!!! But, you have found HOPE, GOD and the ANSWERS here for complete healing and getting rid of this disease. WE really care!!!

Pray often and seek a close relationship with God! He hears everything you say and he loves you so....!!! He did not give us this, he is not the author of sickness and disease, but he will help heal us!!!!!

Dear friend, hang in there, it's going to get so much better!! It takes time to get it all started, but relief is just around the corner!!

Love you dear friend, sorry it took a day or two to get back to you, but I always will!!!

Love and Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Proverbs30: 5
Every promise from the faithful God is pure and He is a shied to those who take refuge in Him!!
Isaiah 41:10
Fear not I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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