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Shout out to Terrific Teddy & Superdad Dale

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11:12:36 AM

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Thanks for your words of encouragement. It seems our journeys are parallel to some degree. When you have children in the household, it increases your exposure to whatever is going around at the time.

Over the last three to six weeks everyone in the house has had either a respiratory issue or a stomach virus. The only issue I had was some sinus drainage that wasn’t too bad. I consider that to be progress for me.

As you mentioned, we need to stay focused on the goal and continue to control what WE can control on this journey.

Stick to the plan !


9:06:43 AM

Morgellons -


I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better each day. Any relief is a good thing from what we have to go through with this condition.

I am also having fewer breakouts and flare ups since I've had some longer lasting ones. The longer and more severe ones may have been me having a herx and I didn't realize what it was.

We all need to keep our eye on the goal and keep the faith knowing that we will get better, have health restoration and full healing.

Take care!

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