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Shout out to Terrific Teddy & Superdad Dale

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8:29:17 AM

Morgellons - A LONG ROAD, BUT DOABLE!!!

Hello Dale and Nancy,

Thank you for your words of encouragement !

If you haven’t watched the video Peter posted concerning WPS, please do. There is a lot of excellent info in the video.

I also printed parts of Kerri Rivera’s book. Excellent info on WPS and diet.

I had a pretty significant break out, or “die off” New Year’s Eve. Today most of the breakout is diminishing. I have been discussing the cause of the potential breakout with Mel and have concluded that the primary influence of the breakout was the fact that since Thanksgiving I have been able to get more rest. This is primarily due to being off work due to the holidays, and most recently from
inclement weather not allowing me to drive to work, thus having to stay at home. While at home, I took every opportunity to lay down and rest.

I feel this last breakout means I am getting closer to being toxin free, but I know I still have a ways to go. How fast I move through this final stage will ultimately be determined by how well I follow the Sum of the Parts. I have a few more weeks before my workload picks back up. I plan to try and optimize this time frame.

One day at a time ………….


7:31:14 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Teddy and Nancy,

Yes, I agree Nancy, I have also seen some items on here that we were told to avoid. I have tried the keto brownie and cake mix in the box and it doesn't seem to affect me much unless I overindulge and eat a little too much. But there do seem to be some ingredients we probably should avoid, especially in the beginning of our healing journey. I am so used to avoiding sugar at this point that I can have the Lindt 100% chocolate bar now and it tastes fine to me and the erythritol in the brownie mix seems too sweet.

I wanted to remind everyone of something Mel reminded me of a week ago and I have been doing it every morning since. Now I am saving money on shampoo. I was having some itching in my scalp that was very annoying. Mel reminded me to dunk my head in cold water. So I run cold water over it in the shower and spray and brush through kleen green, then WPS. After I get out, I dunk it in cold water in the sink, dry it some, then spray 91% rubbing/first aid alcohol on it. If you try this, be careful to not spray too much and cover your eyes with a towel, and don't inhale too much of the alcohol smell. Dry it off and you're good to style how you normally do. This has helped so much with the itch.

Now to tighten my diet and "eat like a rabbit" as Mel did, and I should be good to go.

Just a reminder to all to follow the "SUM of the parts, not SOME of the parts".


7:20:55 AM


Hello you'all

Great post Dale and Teddy!

Joe we really depend on you to help explain about the food we eat! Thank you!
I notice recipes that has ingredients that we was told not to eat,Hopefully we can get clarity this Saturday?

I know we are all different in our reactions to food, but Mel was so strict when he was sick. I just hope nobody has a reaction to any of them! Clarity is forthcoming.

So great you guys are on our calls and posting!

May God heal y’all and bless your families.

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