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10:36:52 AM

Morgellons - I I didn't know you were traveling through North Carolina, Dr. Mel.
I I didn't know you were traveling through North Carolina, Dr. Mel.

Hi Robin,

I greatly appreciate your words of encouragement! We all need them from time to time.

I am better than I was in many areas of this disease, but I am still struggling and have not seen as much improvement as I had hoped so far in other areas. I know we have to be like the tortoise in this race.

With moving and the added stress of that, living in a hotel for a few weeks, another bout with COVID, and not always having the time to prepare food there were a few times recently when I've had too many carbs. I long for the day when I won't have to be so strict or have a rash break out or be itchy, although the healthy eating part is great for life. My main focus now that we are getting settled is to get back to cooking, prepping, and always having something healthy and keto ready to eat, juicing celery weekly, and getting more fresh veggies in my diet. I tend to buy salads with grilled chicken or salmon when out when on the go, which can get expensive quick. And restaurants don't always get the special requests of no this or that correct.

I am following the protocol with morgellons extension along with copper and aloe/silver. I had started nebulizing silver and will start that back this weekend now that I've located it from the move.

I just started applying about six drops of black seed oil with 1 drop oil of oregano to a problem area; and will see how this goes. Oil of oregano can be very painful and requires immediate washing away with mild soap if applied by itself or not diluted enough so be careful with it if anyone tries it. The black seed oil with liquid probiotic drops I started a few weeks ago seemed to help (not cure) the itchy problem areas. I still use the Kleen Green as well during different times.

Five children, oh my! We only have 3. But sometimes it feels and sounds like there is five of them! I can't imagine 10. I'm looking forward to getting back on some calls soon now that things are settling down at home. Sundays are hard to make with going to Church and it lets out at 12, then getting kids and lunch, but hopefully I can make some soon.

I'm also trying to get back into my morning running/walking and weights routine. I think sweating out the impurities is another component that can help our bodies heal.

I'm also very thankful for finding Mel and this community during a very scary time in my life. The coaching that Mel has available is very beneficial; just to know and talk to someone who has been there and been through this and can offer their insight is invaluable.

I hope you and everyone else is continuing to heal and I'm hoping the best for everyone.


10:00:30 AM


Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement !!!

I am continuing to try and get more rest, control stress and eat the proper foods. I am making progress.

I encourage all that are struggling with not seeing the end in sight, to stay focused, and to lean on the community for support and answers.

There is no speedy road to recover, but thanks to Mel and everyone else that supports the community there IS a road to recovery.

Where I was a year ago, compared to where I am today is very encouraging to me. The crawlies have diminished substantially. The tingling sensations on my eyebrows and face have subsided. My outbreaks are minimal and usually only last overnight. I hoped I would be healed by now, but because I am making progress, I know that day is coming.

I would encourage anyone new to stick to the Protocol. Its easy to go down a rabbit hole looking for the next form of relief. The supplements / vitamins, WPS, Sovereign Silver (including copper) and occasional Kleen Green ( for problematic areas ) are my go to products. I do use a tea tree oil based body wash.

After fighting the battle alone and not getting anywhere, I feel blessed to have found Mel's site.

To everyone: "stay the course" and listen to your body !!!

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