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6:23:06 AM

Hi Karen,

It sure sounds like you are nearing the finish line. I honestly don't know how you did everything you did and still got better. I'm glad that at least now you are able to get the rest you need and that everything sounds like you are doing and getting really well.

I sure miss your posts. I have learned from every one of them and I wish I had just a tiny bit of your knowledge and teaching abilities.

Take care Karen. Hope to hear from you again soon!


4:50:38 PM

Dear Karen,

Welcome back, girl!

I'm SO happy to hear from you, and to know how much better you are doing now that you are getting more time to rest and take care of yourself. I cannot imagine how you managed to do all that you did, while battling this disease!

I do believe 2020 is going to be the year we all celebrate your happy dance!!

So wonderful to hear from you, and sending you a great big Yankee hug from the chilly northeast--

love, Maria

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