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Chrissie **

5:19:28 AM
Skype wonderful Skype!!! (And Zoom calling)..

Dear All,

I can truly say that Skype has been a wonderful revelation to me!! I think it's an amazing invention!!

It doesn't take anytime at all to download the Skype app. I did it on my phone no problem!!

Did you know that you can call Skype to Skype anywhere in the world absolutely free!?!?!! Isn't that just BRILLIANT!

You can have a video call or just audio if you prefer.

If you want to join our wonderful free conference calls at the weekend and you are not living in America, Skype will become your best friend!! You can pay a tiny amount to call Skype to phone.

Our Saturday conference call (see, 'More communication is better) is a treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, camaraderie and guest speakers!!

Our Sunday prayer call is the best two hours of the week, when our community comes together to worship God, find respite from troubles and have fellowship and even fun with each other :-). We get to really know each other and care about each other.

It really, really helps to be part of the community. No one needs to be alone in this often difficult journey!!

I love that I can also call my American friends on their landlines or mobiles through Skype for pennies!! It's great!

You could also, if you wish use zoom to video or audio call Mel and fellow community members. Though I personally have just stuck with Skype, it covers all the basics for me.

So, sign up for Skype (and /or zoom) , you won't regret it. Besides, you will get to see Mel's various exotic virtual backdrops, his thriving indoor plant collection and he will sing you (or your dog) a song or two :-).

Love Chrissie

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