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4:05:03 PM

Dearest Auntie Cheryl!!!

Hello hello hello!!!! Big woofy cuddles, circles and hugs!! :-).

I am sorry it has been a while since I put paw to phone!! Being a full time nurse is not easy! I have been Florence Woofingale (as opposed to Florence Nightingale) and been busy looking after my mum. One day she just came back from the human hospital squealing, clutching her tummy and hobbling about. Poor mum!!! What did they do to her !?!?! So.... I immediately spun into action, gave her many kisses, many paws and lots of cuddles. I also handed her gently lots of soft toys (I didn't fling them at her like usual!). She got my baby owl, the pink flamingo and the pink pig!! I have been sharing them equally. All of the above has brought a wee smile to her face :-).

If the human vet ever makes your husbands tummy sore, gently give him something soft to cuddle. I know you said he's not really into squeak toys, but maybe a furry cushion would suffice? And when I have a toy in my mouth I sing mum a, 'get well soon,' song as I dance around and around in circles. And again.. I see that wee smile on her face. If your husband is poorly you could put the cushion in your mouth, sing a healing song and circle round and round the room on all fours. Now, surely that would bring a wee smile to his face? :-). Though don't circle too much or you might fall down dizzy!!!!.. Ha ha I'm sure that would make him laugh!

You would be proud of me Auntie C as I carefully and sensitively observed when mum needed her sleep and rest.As we say, 'sleep and rest, don't deprive the body.' And EVEN if I wanted to play if mum was tired I rested right on the floor by her bed. I guarded her, kept her safe and stayed by her side. Often when mum was sore she lifted her head and I gave her a look of concern and love. I let her know that I am here and that I will always love her. I always do my best to take care of her as she does me. That's what love is all about isn't it. Sometimes just a gentle paw is all that is needed!!!

Ha ha mum was laughing at you saying that if the cat did get your tongue it would be hard to get it back. I have decided when outside to keep my mouth shut.. Mum said that won't last for long!!! :-). Auntie, I'm afraid I cannot just sit nice and patient and wait for a cat to come to me. I want to chase, I want to sniff, I want to paw!!! So you see, its an impossible situation. Never the twain shall meet! I can admire them through the window though!

I'm glad you have a rebounder Auntie. Bouncing up and down is great fun. I don't have a clue what a lymph gland is, but if it clears it so be it! :-).

Mum agreed with you that it's deemed rude for humans to stare. She said you painted a funny picture, the one lady staring, the other shouting:-) . But where is the picture Auntie C? And why did you want to look forever at the two ladies and their funny faces?

I want to tell you what I have learned. It's Holly dog philosophy time again! You know, sometimes staring actually works!! When the meaty meat (food delivery van) is outside I stare through the window. I also bark a few times for good measure. As mum says if you are gonna do anything in this world don't do it by halves. I think that's why she got a springer spaniel to experience the whole gamut of dog daftness (silliness and frolics). Anyhow, I digress, let's get back to the story.... Well, it worked !!!! Surely enough, to my utter amazement, the meaty meat man heard me, buzzed our door and gave us lots of food!! Me?.. Well I got several tins of meaty meat. It makes me happy and secure to see them all stacked up neatly in a row. They are all for moi!!!!!! And I tell you this, it feels good to be able to provide for ones family just by intense staring and a bark or three!!! So, next time you see a food delivery man stare deeply and let him know you are there. He in turn will feed you!!! Isn't life amazing! :-).

I always love to hear you on the calls Auntie C and Uncle Mel too! I hope you are taking good care of yourself. I hope you are having lots of rest, good food,a little bouncing and some hearty laughs!

Lots of love
Holly (woof) XX


8:13:17 PM

Dearest Sweet Holly,

I hope you have not once again wondered where Auntie Cheryl has gone. After all, I do say hi to you on the phone from time to time.

I am not sure where the phrase, "Has the cat got your tongue?" came from. I looked online out of curiosity. (Which reminds me of the phrase, "Curiosity killed the cat", yikes! But the 2nd part of that phrase is, "but satisfaction brought him back", whew!)

One person online wrote that if the cat did get your tongue, it would be very hard to get it back because of those sharp claws they have. He makes a good point. Best not to stick your tongue out too close to a cat :-)

Your mum doesn't want you to squeal and play at night when she is sleeping because she needs to get a good night's sleep. Sleep is an important part of healing. Why, just look at the name of this thread, "SLEEP & REST: Don't Deprive Your Body". Even sweet dogs who like to have fun need to get enough sleep.

I don't know why some cats are allowed to wail outside under the cars in the middle of the night. I am sure you are much better off inside safe, comfy, and cozy with your mum.

Thank you for sharing your philosophical quote with me. I think you have a good point. I can think of a couple of musicians right off who have sung that sentiment. Musicians seem to enjoy singing about being crazy or mad in general :-)

I am sorry that you were attacked by a cat when you were only trying to be friendly. Cats can be temperamental creatures. Maybe that is why people like to use them in phrases so much.

Some cats are sweet as can be. You just have to find the right one to make friends with. My advice is to sit down a little bit away from the cat, look friendly, and wait to see first if the cat approaches you in a friendly way. I think that would be the best and safest way to find a nice cat friend.

I agree that a dog wearing a hat with pretend human ears would look very weird indeed! You should definitely just keep showing your adorable Spaniel ears.

Thank you for thinking of me in not wanting me to receive stale dog biscuits and watching out for my carb intake.

I do have a rebounder. I can't really say that I jump and spring on it, but I suppose I do bounce a little bit. However, I am sure your bounce is much bouncier than mine.

It is nice how you and your mum train each other. I can see there is a good reason why your mum calls you a wee monkey. And while intense staring works well for a dog, it typically doesn't work well when one human is intensely staring at another.

If you are a human, instead of the person you are staring at doing what you want or calling you a wee monkey, they might look at you and say something like, "What's your problem?" or "Psychopath".

Then if you start making funny faces, the situation might deteriorate from there.

By the time the person starts with the amateur dramatics, the family or the authorities might have been called :-)

Auntie Cheryl was at a place once years ago, and saw 2 young women almost get into a fight because one looked at the other too long. One woman looked at the other longer than the other wanted to be looked at, and she started yelling, "DO YOU KNOW ME? DO YOU KNOW ME?"

I learned from watching these 2 women that it is not good to intense stare strangers :-) However, humans in general, strangers or family or friends, usually don't like to be intensely stared at by other humans. So, sometimes dogs can get away with things humans can't.

I know your mum doesn't ever want you to leave her, so it works out good that you don't want to :-)

It certainly would be a sad world with no laughter. Therefore, I appreciate all of your wisdom Holly, and all of your silliness.

Tell your mum I said hello, and that I hope you both have a very merry Christmas.

Auntie Cheryl

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