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4:10:11 PM

Hello, Cheryl!

Lily has been my constant companion for the past couple of weeks since I have been under the weather. It’s been very comforting. Lily’s Siamese breed definitely surfaces when she wants to eat twice a day!

Lucy’s new parents send me pictures of her quite frequently, which is so kind of them. She is doing quite well and enjoys the company of her pack: her two owners, her buddy Chloe (the Jack Russell terrier), and King Charles (an orange tabby cat).


5:24:37 PM

Hi Jamie,

I know Holly was very excited to hear about Lucy.

I'm sorry that Lucy isn't with you any longer. She truly is a beautiful dog. I know her present owners must love her and take very good care of her for you.

Lily sounds like a beautiful cat. I have heard that Siamese cats are very vocal, just as Holly said her mum told her. So, I hope Lily is keeping you good company.

God bless,


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