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8:05:23 PM

Hi Chrissie and Myles.

Your post was very informative Chrissie. I've always had a hard time sleep. I couldn't get to sleep easily my whole life. Then along came different stressors applied on top and then a toxic disease.

Wow. No way could I sleep when I had to stress and worry about not getting better. I finally realize that sleep is one of the most important things I can do to heal. I'm trying to go to bed earlier, trying to remember that there is hope here and trust that the Lord will keep me safe.

I definitely feel better when I can sleep. Reading and prayer help.

God bless and try not to stress as much as possible.


3:28:16 PM

Hi Miles,

Yep I agree absolutely with you that toxic disease sure is a huge emotional roller-coaster. Many of us haven't had an easy life and had many things to deal with, but often I hear people say that this is the most difficult thing they have ever had to deal with. I agree with that 100%.

Yep, that whole sleep conundrum. I wake several times in the night too. And that sense of frustration only makes it a lot worse. At the moment I am trying some ten minute breathing or meditation exercises to try and wind down the body and the mind and specifically the nervous system.

The full moon last week brought me unpleasant crawling and cat scratches re Bartonella , which is a Lyme Co infection. Bartonella and Lyme really affect the nervous system. And then when that happens it's hard to have an off switch for the brain too.

Have you tried some breathing exercises that stimulate the Vagus Nerve and then slow down the automatic nervous system?

Or some gentle music.

Or even some gentle movement like tai chi?

What about some extra Magnifical at night with the magnesium in it, or an epsom salt bath with magnesium sulphate in it to relax the muscles and ease any symptoms and help you to sleep, with added lavender essential oil?

What do you put on your body topically? If you use any lotions you could add lavender and camomile essential oil to be absorbed through the skin and help ease tensions.

An aromatherapy burner with lavender oil may help too.

I think it sure is difficult to navigate it all. And just when we are doing well, it can throw us another curveball to deal with!!!!! But I think that we have to find some small ways to ease the difficulties, by chipping away at the hurdles one by one. And MOST OF ALL BE GENTLE ON OURSELVES . Its not our faults we got sick, we must give ourselves a break!!! We can't change it overnight.... it's a long, slow process. But if we can just find little ways to ease the burdens day by day It will help.

I'm glad you are on the protocol now Miles and that you come to the calls also. I wish you health and I do think that you will have it, in time,

Meanwhile take good care of yourself,

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