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3:18:50 PM

Hello everyone,

The January 25th. was one of the most special Coffee, Tea With Me calls with Robert Scott Bell.

If you missed this call you may want to listen to the recording of it
( MORE COMMUNICATION), I believe it will be one of those calls that will go down in history of our community as a must listen to this one.

Robert Scott Bell and Margo who we know well from some of the most informative Conference calls on record, answered many questions related to restoring health and the role that Sovereign Silver plays in battling toxic diseases.

God bless you all,
And remember that for those who do not give up will get well!

8:40:16 PM

Hi everyone,

I hope each and everyone of you had a blessed Christmas and wishing you all the very best that the New Year has to offer! Especially the restoration of your health.

I also hope you got to watch the beautiful fireworks, thanks to Mel for taking the time to post them on the forum for all to see.

I am blessed everyday to be a part of this wonderful community that Mel had the good graces to create for us because without his devotion, hard work and dedication to helping us all, none of this would be possible!!

Best to all and God bless you all,

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