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11:22:38 AM

That is a beautiful song, Karen. Thank you for sharing it.

Alison Krauss has a voice like an angel.

My favorite words in the song:

"Who shall wear that robe and crown? Dear Lord, show me the way."

I love the video too.

Thanks also to everyone who has added songs and writings they love to this thread.


9:10:58 AM

We are all connected...and here in this world to learn God's love and tender mercies.

I thank God for having this community with whom I can go "Down to the River to Pray" in one way or another each and every day.

I am so happy to not be alone in thank you to my sweet and dear community.

The old pix remind me that those who have gone before us suffered many hardships as well...but it also reminds me that their faith is what got them through it.

And faith will get us through our hardships too.

Much love,


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