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10:12:15 AM
Those who have embraced these principles are in the highest percentage of those who have restored their health.

Good Morning Everyone,

I have many times said that those who come to fully understand "THE SUM OF THE PARTS", Learn to embrace "THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES", Become a "COMMUNITY MEMBER", they are in the highest percentage of those who "RESTORE THEIR HEALTH"

It is not easy, yet doable as witnessed in our massive testimonial section.

Knowledge is the answer and it's all here Invest the time, It's your life!!!

Rockin Robin

8:50:03 AM

Hello Everyone!!

You know it truly is THE SUM OF THE PARTS, not just some of the parts, that enable us to get well. If you are new here, this is vital in your journey to complete wellness!

Take the time to read this thread and these incredible posts, read THE GREAT EIGHT, and be sure to check out in the forum the new professional diagram Karen (the librarian) has submitted on THE SUM OF THE PARTS!!

If you can do all these things consistantly, YOU WILL GET WELL!! It is the total SUM of them together that makes you achieve complete wellness!!

Those that have been here a while, it never hurts to refresh your memory!! For Everyone: This is worth your time and effort to regain a joyful life again!!

Check it out!!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

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