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Sunday’s call

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5:49:41 AM


Dear All,

I agree with Nancy ,the Sunday Prayer Call is great !!!!!

The call gives us all the chance to come together to connect with each other and with God. Many with this disease are not well enough to go to their local church ,so this is much needed !

The call gives us nurturing ,hope,spiritual calm and fellowship with each other. So many are isolated and this disease is often not understood by family ,friends or medical professions. Therefore ,it is sooo important for us to come together in a safe and comforting space where it is wholly understood the difficulties we are going through .And we are no longer alone with this.

Reach out and come to Sunday Prayer! It's free and you don't need to say anything at first if not
comfortable. You don't even need to give your real name ,but rest assured it's not recorded.In time ,you will surely find your voice alongside us and probably be eager to say your own prayers ,offer fellowship and even share a joke or two with everyone at the end:-).

Joining weekly is an excellent way to get to know other group members. It's a great way to find a bit of peace and take your mind away from your troubles, Just reach out ,you will be welcomed with open arms :-).

Love Chrissie

5:49:41 AM

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Hi you all,

Wonderful call today!

Welcome to our newbies, if there is anyway I can help just let Mel know.

Donald so glad you are back! You are part of the family and we all missed you.

Chrissy you sounded good today give Holly a big kiss for me,

As always I love hearing Tea, Robin and Johanna and everyone else.
Kari ann and Joe, Praying for the new baby coming soon.

It takes everyone to make everything work and support our cause.

Blessings to all

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