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Sunday Calls

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10:26:01 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Nancy & Chrissie!

Thanks soo much for sharing! I too agree that the Sunday prayer call is such a wonderful time to pray, read, share, and one of the most important ways to start our week off!

Moving into fall & winter I think our prayer call weeklies will back! I know summer can be a busy and so beautiful and fun to be with family, but as the cold weather moves in lets all pray our attendance gets larger!!

And it is always a great way to meet others, pray for one another and fellowship!!


7:57:00 AM

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Dear All,

Oh I agree wholeheartedly with Nancy regards Sunday Prayer call. It is a time for connecting with God and with each other . It is a time to read prayers and send prayers for those who are struggling and to have respite for a little while.

We do miss people a lot when they don't come and we wonder how they are doing. We get to know each other well from being an active member of the community.

It is imperative that we don't isolate when going through this difficult journey . It's good to reach out to each other and to God during the Prayer call.

Anyone thinking of joining us ,its free and you don't need to say anything at first if you're not comfortable. You don't need to give your real name or say a prayer if you dont want to. But come along,listen and be part of it . We even have jokes at the end to lighten your day. And you will be welcomed with open arms!!!:-)

Love Chrissie

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