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This Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship, Come Join US!

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7:46:31 AM

Morgellons -

Dear All,

Please join us for Prayer and Fellowship every Sunday. Don't be shy, everyone is absolutely welcomed in with open arms:-).

No one needs to be alone in this difficult healing journey. And it's really nice to come together in Worship and Fellowship.

We Pray and connect with God then support each other in Fellowship. It's nice that we get to know each others journeys and care about each other too.

It's lovely that there are regulars and also new people who join and people pop in and out when they are able.

The Prayer Call isn't recorded so you have the privacy to talk about what you want to and the support of other group members.

We even have a laugh sometimes. We celebrate when people are doing well and we Pray when they are needing that extra TLC.

We are here every Sunday, come join us. We will be most happy to hear you and help you in your Journey!

God Bless You,

8:56:54 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

We are now in the Twelfth year of Sunday prayer and fellowship,adding also positive stories and once in a while a decent joke!

This past year we have had some beautiful surprises from these lovely singing sisters!!

I have often said, "It's the best two hours in our week ,come join us and see Why"!!!

Come and join us to Never feel alone, have other's who truly understand what you are going through.and learn much more about toxic diseases!!!!

May God bless you all,


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9:24:56 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everybody

i would like to ask those of you reading this a simple, yet profoundly important question.

"Do you want to be delivered from this disease or do you want to know the deliverer?"

I ask you this because I know that seeking the deliverer is wherein lies both the purpose and the cure. If God's word were studied as it should be, those afflicted would find, as I have, a breadth of mind and a stability of purpose that lights the individual path to remission.

I have known this since my second baptism, early in my journey. Biblical literacy delivered how to see our disease for what it is. It is where I found the real answers about Morgellons Syndrome and why I have often written for you to make the bible your best friend. All the pieces of the Morgellons mystery are there. In His word are all treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

When I was sick, every time I Opened the Holy Book I found answers and guidance. My battle evolved and I was able to remove a veil of deceit to discover and then prescribe the healing force contained in reading it. I chose daily to go in and draw this out, and I got well. Pretty amazing, no?

Choosing to know the deliverer will actualize the healing force which "He" has already given to each of you. This is the true measure of the great physician. Just go in, draw it out, trust in it, and await for "Him" to fulfill the promise.

I love you guys,

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