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This Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship, Come Join US!

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7:21:44 AM

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Dear all,

Come along to our free Sunday prayer and fellowship group. It is not recorded and it is a safe space to come together. You don't need to pray if you don't want to at first, just listen and be supported. We know what you are going through and we understand!!

We say prayers then we have fellowship. We get to know each other in this way. We care about each others journey and by coming together we are no longer alone. This is a very hard journey to go through, for most of us the hardest thing we have ever endured!! Don't suffer alone, reach out, be part of the community!!

It makes a big difference not being alone in this. Join us, we want to help you.

Love Chrissie

2:29:34 PM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone,

Always great to fellowship with everyone
That joins the calls for Sunday Prayer and
Fellowship !! Thank you everyone for your
Prayers and scripture reading, it's a true Blessing
And encouragement !!

My prayers go out to each one of you always
And I hope the Lord is very close to you and
Helps you with the wisdom and insight needed
To get well.. I pray for strength to those who find
It more challenging at times and perseverance
Knowing it will get better !!

Our Lord is Greater than anything we can
Ever find ourselves in and he will get us all where
We need to be .. I take strength in knowing he
Is walking with me through this and hopefully
Making me more like him , that after all is the
Ultimate goal is to be more like Jesus!!

I'm going forward in my journey and just
Don't need to focus on what I see but living
Each day to its fullest , that's what's important
Now ... Everything will work out but we do need
To enjoy our lives in the process and not think
Of the healing process as wasted time , there
Are many things we can learn through this
And be enriched in how we look at hard things
In the future , we do truly grow even though
It doesn't seem like it..

Just a little prayer here that I hope will help.. Numbers 6 24-26
The Lord Bless you and keep you , the Lord
Make his face shine upon you and be Gracious
To you , the Lord turn his face toward you and
Give you peace !!

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