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1:14:21 PM

Mel, Chrissie, Jamie, Donna, Leslie,Tracy and all my friends here in our community,

My heart can not even begin to express my gratitude for the loving, kind and caring support during this most difficult time in my life.

Your phone calls and text messages have meant the world to me. Knowing you are all praying for my husband and myself is so graciously accepted and appreciated.

Unfortunately my husband's second biopsy came back showing cancer had spread to his brain. I can hardly express my horror and disbelief of this terrible news.

You all know my husband is my whole world and the love of my life. My heart is broken into pieces.
I have spent everyday for over a month in the hospital by his side holding his hand telling my dear, sweet Angel how much I love him.
Until two days ago when the hospital no longer allows visitors due to the corona virus.

I begged and pleaded to stay but the security escorted me out at 9 pm on Wednesday. I am beyond mortified that I can't be with my love. This is beyond unbearable. I can only call him on the phone and face time every 3 hours. And believe me when that second arrives on the clock I am on the phone.

I again want to express my gratitude for all of your loving support.

Love you all,
The Terry's


3:08:42 PM

Dear Terry,

I am just off the phone from talking with you and I can hardly find the words to express what I want to say to you just now :-(.

I am so so so deeply sorry that your soulmate is so critically unwell. As is everyone in this community.

I know you have been together, I think you said thirty six years. I know that the love you have together is beautiful. I know that Terry had cancer before that went into remission and you were both overjoyed. I know this is the hardest thing you have both ever went through in your life together.

It breaks my heart for you that they made you leave the ICU last night because of the coronavirus, when you need with all your heart and soul to be there by his side.

We will pray for you Terry and Terry. We send our thoughts and our prayers and our love from many corners of the globe.

Reach out to us, we will be there for you in this devastating time .

God Bless you Terry and Terry,
With love,

10:55:06 AM

Hello Mel,

I am taking a few minutes to update you on my husband's biopsy results.

To my disbelief and horror my husband does have brain cancer. He is having a lot of problems with swelling and is back in the ICU. Things aren't looking very good.

My dear, sweet, kind, loving husband is very very sick.
I am overwhelmed with sadness and grief.
I can't believe this is happening.

Please continue your prayers.
They are very much needed at this time.

God Bless,


10:58:58 AM

Good morning

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and concern.

Your comments are so kind and warm; so very much needed at this time.

This is by means the most difficult time in my life.
Please keep praying. God hears them all!

God Bless,
The Terry's


5:33:21 PM

Hello, Terry.

I wasn’t able to be on the calls this weekend because I had 48 hours to prepare to teach my students 100% online because my school has closed indefinitely.

I hope you and your husband are doing well and that the results of his biopsy are positive.

Everyone has both of you in their prayers. Please take good care of yourself in these trying times.


11:47:03 AM

Good Morning Friends,

Unfortunately we are still the hospital.

They did a second biopsy yesterday taking a larger sample for the lab to diagnose.

I am praying to God on my begging hands and knees that it is NOT cancer.

My strong, healthy, vigorous husband is now so weak and frail.

This man is my love of my life. My reason for living.
We have been side by side for 36 wonderful years.

Please continue praying for my husband. Please pray for negative reading of cancer from the biopsy and that my dear, sweet husband does a complete recovery.
( In the name of Jesus we pray)

Thank you all so very much,
The Terry's

5:48:48 PM

Hi Terry’s,

Please know I am surely praying for you both.


5:43:38 PM

Hello, Terry!

Since Mel moved this thread up to the top of the list, I thought I’d just send some positive thoughts your way! I hope you and your husband are doing well! You are both in everyone’s prayers!


12:29:11 PM

Dear Terry,

One year ago my husband was hospitalized with c-diff and then again with sepsis. Always a healthy, strong, and hard-working person; seeing him so sick was devastating. I felt so helpless and scared as we have been together since high school. Many years!! The love of my life..

I thank the good Lord everyday for his healing.

You are in my heart daily and Am praying for you both.

8:09:58 PM

Thank you all for your prayers.
It means so much to me to have all of the communities prayers and kindness during this most difficult time in my life.
God Bless,


2:00:41 PM

Hello Terry, May the Good Lord watch over your husband in his time of need.
So very glad he is out of the ICU.

Please know our family have you both in our prayers.
God Bless--Donald

1:01:16 PM

Hello Mel,

Terry is still in the hospital, but in regular room. He is no longer in ICU.

The biopsy will come back Monday. Please all my friend Warriors; pray that the biopsy comes back showing no cancer. Please pray with all of your heart.

Thank you all so very much!

God Bless you All,
The Terry's ?


9:00:27 AM
Terry, you are a very speiall Warrior

Hi Mel,

Well back in ICU. They did an MRI and the spot on his cerebellum was still there. So they did a biopsy yesterday to see what we are dealing with. Won't get results until Friday or Monday. So here we are again.

Just taking one day at a time.

I have put this in God's hands. This is just to much for me to bear. I pray with all my heart and soul it is not cancer.

Please continue your prayers for my dear, sweet husband. Prayer is very strong!!!

I am staying strictly on my protocol. No slip ups. I have two days supplements with me at all times and of course my MMS.

I have asked the Lord to take the overwhelming pain and sadness from my heart. Trying to keep my emotions in check.

You all know how much I love my husband. We have been married 36 years. He is like a part of my soul.
Please pray for his complete recovery.

Thank you,


8:31:25 AM

Hello Mel,

I just wanted to keep you updated on what is going on.

They decided not to do the biopsy of the brain and I was happy about that.

My husband is now home. His doctor said it could take up to three months for swelling of the brain to return to normal.

Please include Terry in your Sunday prayers. I really really appreciate all of you praying for him.
He is the love of my life.

Our community is so loving and kind. We understand each other.

During this whole thing I have not missed a supplement or MMS . I took all my meals to the hospital. I am trying hard to stay on course. the only thing that is getting me is my Emotions! I am trying hard to keep them in check but it is very hard.

I hope to be back next week. But of course my hubby comes first.

Thank you Mel with all my heart for being there for me. You have such a warm and kind heart.

God Bless you all,


1:12:29 PM

Thank you Chrissie & Robin for your prayers and message to me regarding my husband's recovery.

Your kindness is so warm and welcomed.

Please keep praying for my husband's complete recovery.
God here's all of our prayers!

God Bless,
Rockin Robin

8:48:42 PM

Dear Terry,

Please know we are praying for your husband and you. You sound like you have a lot of faith! Take hold and don't let go. God loves you both so very much and cares about your lives. I am Praying that you have many more years with your beloved husband and complete healing for him. You have friends here who care!!

In His Love,


7:44:32 PM

Hello Friends,

Our community is one of love, kindness and compassion.

I can not begin to thank you enough for all of your prayers.

God heard them loud and clear.


2:42:06 PM

Dear Terry,

I dearly hope and pray that your beloved Terry did very well with the operation and that he is going to go from strength to strength.

Thirty seven years is a long time to be with your soul mate, that's beautiful!!!

I wish you many many more years together.

I wish you both health and love.

God bless you both,

1:58:42 PM

Mel & Donald,

Your kindness and heartfelt caring has brought me to tears.
I can thank you enough for thinking of my husband and myself during this very difficult time.
He is in surgery right now. It will be a 3 or 4 hour surgery.
I know that God is guiding the surgeon's hands and with his saving grace my husband will come out of this fine without any sign of cancer.
As you all know I just adore my dear, sweet husband. We have been married 37 wonderful years. He has been a super fantastic husband, father and grandfather. I want at least 20 more years with the love of my life.
Thank you all of my friends in the community.
God Bless,
Donald & Mel **

1:44:49 PM

Hello Terry,

This Sunday's prayer call on 2-16-20 will be to send Love & Prayers to your most wonderful husband who is also named Terry.

I understand he is fighting a battle he needs help with so please tell him I asked our Father the Good Lord to send him & you Special Angels to guide you both to full health.

Please get well!

May GOD BLESS both you Terry's
God is GREAT. -- Donald