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1:14:21 PM

Mel, Chrissie, Jamie, Donna, Leslie,Tracy and all my friends here in our community,

My heart can not even begin to express my gratitude for the loving, kind and caring support during this most difficult time in my life.

Your phone calls and text messages have meant the world to me. Knowing you are all praying for my husband and myself is so graciously accepted and appreciated.

Unfortunately my husband's second biopsy came back showing cancer had spread to his brain. I can hardly express my horror and disbelief of this terrible news.

You all know my husband is my whole world and the love of my life. My heart is broken into pieces.
I have spent everyday for over a month in the hospital by his side holding his hand telling my dear, sweet Angel how much I love him.
Until two days ago when the hospital no longer allows visitors due to the corona virus.

I begged and pleaded to stay but the security escorted me out at 9 pm on Wednesday. I am beyond mortified that I can't be with my love. This is beyond unbearable. I can only call him on the phone and face time every 3 hours. And believe me when that second arrives on the clock I am on the phone.

I again want to express my gratitude for all of your loving support.

Love you all,
The Terry's


3:08:42 PM

Dear Terry,

I am just off the phone from talking with you and I can hardly find the words to express what I want to say to you just now :-(.

I am so so so deeply sorry that your soulmate is so critically unwell. As is everyone in this community.

I know you have been together, I think you said thirty six years. I know that the love you have together is beautiful. I know that Terry had cancer before that went into remission and you were both overjoyed. I know this is the hardest thing you have both ever went through in your life together.

It breaks my heart for you that they made you leave the ICU last night because of the coronavirus, when you need with all your heart and soul to be there by his side.

We will pray for you Terry and Terry. We send our thoughts and our prayers and our love from many corners of the globe.

Reach out to us, we will be there for you in this devastating time .

God Bless you Terry and Terry,
With love,

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