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Rockin Robin

2:27:33 PM


Dear Tea,

I am smiling right now after reading your post! I know you are going to be ok.

First, because I see and know you love God and seek His council.

Second, because I see your strength, faith, and tenacity,

And, third, because you have found Mel, this website and this loving community and have taken a good hold on everything with a made-up mind !!!

Your posts are so sweet and your faith inspiring!! You are a real blessing to this community!!

Glad you liked the songs, I listen to them often!! I asked Mel to post one I just heard by Elvis. I had never ever heard it before, ??? It is amazing!!! Look for it!!! Religious and now my favorite called " One Pair Of Hands " !

Love you Sister!!
Hugs, Rockin Robin


9:21:59 PM

Hi Robin!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and sweet words. I am so thankful for this community!!
Such trying times makes us stronger, but it’s never easy along the way. I don’t know what I would do without this community.

I am so blessed by your prayers and I appreciate you reaching out to me, it can be overwhelming at times. It’s such a great reminder that I actually do have family that’s thinking of me and caring for my ways. Getting caught up in the struggles it’s easy to think we’re all alone, even though we’re not!
So, again I thank you!

Oh, thank you as well for the songs. I watched the Scott Wesley Brown video! It was so heartfelt and relaxing. It reminded me of a rose garden I had with my Grandpa as a little girl and we had sooo many butterflies. I loved it!!!!

Thank you so much Robin!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love & Hugs.

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