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Thank you Ladies

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9:53:27 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your appreciation to those of us who summarize the Saturday Calls. It's so nice if it helps people to get a broad over view of what we discussed. And then hopefully they go on to listen and fully immerse themselves in the knowledge that is in every single call:-).

Ha!! it sure isn't easy summarizing it from Bonnie (But Cold Just Now) Scotland. As the connection can cut out 15 times in one call!! I am there frantically trying to write the most pertinent parts down and often just at an important bit ...cut out!!! Argh!! But you know, I manage to jump back on and scramble together a sentence even if I miss a little here and there. It's definitely become a skill to do that!! And not easy when Left Handed and pen ink goes over my fingers and I dont do shorthand. But Hey Ho, practice makes perfect( well makes it better as time goes on:-)).

For me it's like writing an essay. I will work flat out on my Saturday's after a call, to get it all done. All in all with call scribling as well, it can be three hours work, sometimes longer. My dog objects and moans, but I work on regardless! Tiring, but feels good when finished. And I have had other people tell me it's helpful so that's good.

Thanks for the knowledge you are imparting on the community again. I know people are finding it very useful.


9:00:06 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Peter,

Peter you are quite the gentleman!

Looking forward to your call on Saturday 11Th.!

I think you are very knowledgeable about our situation.

We never get to old to learn!

If you think you are, you are in trouble!

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