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Thank you Mel!

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Rockin Robin

9:29:30 AM
Morgellons - Thank you Mel!

Dear Martha,

It's been a week and I thought I would check in with you. How are you finding the diet? I hope my post helped you. The diet was hard at first, but got easier and easier as time went by. Especially when I got committed. Let me know how your doing. I have faith in you and am praying for you!

Love your Sis,
Rockin Robin
Rockin Robin

9:29:32 AM
Morgellons - Martha, come to prayer & fellowship and make some friends!
Martha, come to prayer & fellowship and make some friends!

Dear Martha,

I truly sympathized with your post and my heart goes out to you! I too, the first year to year and a half had so much trouble with the diet.

I struggled with it because I live with family and there are sweets and all the stuff I can't have all around me all the time. Of course when we cheat, we make ourselves sicker and delay our getting well. It can be so hard!!

I did not get serious with it until Mel told me to talk to Terrie about it. She was close to being well and so dedicated. And, she is 100% well now!!

. She asked me something and told me something. "Do you really and truly want to get well? "Then you have GOT to quit playing around with this and get serious and dedicated!" And then she said, " I made up my mind that there is no joy in food and I will have to live that way for a certain amount of time." She found joy in other things like her grandson and being able to spend time with him again!

The thing that hit me in the face and stood out to me the most was, "There is no joy in food !" I had not been willing to accept the diet. It was then I knew I had to or I would never get well. However, the most ironic and funny thing was that when I truly accepted it, I began to find joy in it.

Before I was doing the easy stuff and cheating out of boredom. When I accepted the diet, it forced me out of the boredom and I had to find stuff to eat that tasted good.

I began to listen to others in the community who were enjoying recipes from Delicious Dining and making sweets too!! Believe it or not I began to find stuff I loved. I began experimenting and tweaking recipes from Delicious Dining and Keto recipes. You tweak them and take out what you can't have or don't like and/or replace them with stuff we can have.

I make the Almond Joys and Almond Butter Balls and they are sweet and really satisfy me. Limited amounts at a time!
Tea makes Pumpkin Cookies and Pumpkin Bread.

So you see, I have found a lot of joy in new recipes and I share these with my family and they love them too.

So you see, it can be done, but you have to get determined, not be lazy, if you truly want to get rid of this disease.

I enjoy what I eat now on the diet. It just takes a little work.
Last night I had Salmon Patties made with an egg and almond flour and spices, ate them with fresh lemon wedges and asparagus and broccoli. DELICIOUS!!!

So......hang in there and call me for recipe help. I would love to help. It can be done. And, search out delicious dining inthe forum. I am about to add a couple more recipes when I get pictures.

Big Hug Martha,
Love, Rockin Robin

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