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8:19:35 PM
Please give, so that other's may walk the path to wellness

Hello Everyone!

Wow this is so exciting that the HCAF will be adding another recipient. What a blessing and a BIG thank you for all that make this journey happen!!

The HCAF was established twelve years ago to help those suffering with toxic diseases that have come upon financial hardships.

So is the HCAF going strong? Yes, but needing more? Absolutely! The more that we can kindly give, the more we are able reach and help.

If you can imagine it, please place yourself in someone’s circumstances that struggle for the help that’s needed and feeling so alone and so unsure of their next step.

I would like to encourage everyone that through it all with a little help from everyone we can reach out to more in need, and help impact someone else’s healing.

I will be forever grateful to the HCAF! So again, THANK YOU to all that give, you are making a difference in someone’s life and giving HOPE!


10:24:53 AM

Hi everyone.

I'm so happy for you Vel as well. There are no words great enough to thank this foundation for all that they do.

Their genuine caring and giving to those who have no means or any other way to get well is overwhelmingly a Godsend.

I can never Express my gratitude enough for the help I've received


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