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7:06:37 PM


Dear Nancy ,

You are so right people who find this community have a lot to be thankful for absolutely:-).

Before many of us were scrambling around in the dark not knowing what we had, suffering absolutely terribly!! Then for quite a few of us, even when we did know what we suffered from we could not afford all the treatment we needed to heal our Bio terrain and get better.

It is absolutely wonderful that the HCAF exists for people like ourselves, around the world. I could simply not believe it when I got the help, I thought I must be dreaming it. Especially as I live thousands of miles away. But it's real and soo many people have been helped throughout 13 years.

But everyone here is lucky to have this knowledge, this wonderful forum, to have the Protocol. To have Mel and all the manufacturers. We also have all the people who have payed it forward to help others in the community, with insightful posts and friendship and Conference calls and Prayer and understanding and care and ultimately with Love.

This is a VERY isolating illness. It is weird and difficult and hard to manage. And if dealing with it alone, it makes it soo much worse. It is so important to have this place of insight and understanding and helpful solutions. It's tremendous what has been achieved here for people and many are soo thankful to get their health back. Or to even be on a healing journey that they never thought was possible.

I know it's a tough journey but Thank God we all got to this place to be helped. And that we aren't alone in it anymore.

Love Chrissie

7:06:37 PM

Morgellons -

Hello all,

Thankful for what I do have and most thankful for knowing my Lord!

We all think at times we have it bad with everything we are dealing with but when we look around we can be so thankful that we have each other to encourage each other and know God is in our mist!

If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be here learning how to get better or making friends all over the world

Also. so thankful for the He cured all Foundation for helping us get what we need help right now and thankful for Mel, John, and all the companies that work with us.

It can really make you feel like there are still caring people in our world! So thankful for all of you and everything you do!

Looking forward to the call Saturday with John and all the people on our mission to get well.

See you then