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7:58:56 AM

Hi Tracy,

Thank you so much for your kind words. It is so true and rest is the best thing ever to helping us in our fight.

I hope that everyone is having a safe, peaceful Memorial Day weekend. I unfortunately have to work this whole weekend to cover for someone who isn't able.

Thank God no one where I work is sick. We have to be mandatory tested from now on. I know I will be fine.

I miss you and love you all!!!


4:37:30 PM

Hi Linda!

You we missed on the prayer call! What a beautiful idea to plant the lilac bush in honor of your mom! Oh, how we miss our moms! Especially the first Mother's Day.

It's good you are napping when you can. Your job does not sound like an easy one, but rewarding in the service you bring to those in the home!

Remembering and thinking clearer is a wonderful thing!!! I didn't realize how bad it had been until it started coming back!

Keep up the water and rest, It's working Linda:))

Take good care of yourself!
In His love, Tracy

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