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1:02:36 PM


I am so happy and excited for you to begin this journey back to health with us!

The HCAF has been a gift from above through Mel and those who contribute so that we have great HOPE also.

You are surrounded by the bravest, most kind-hearted people I have ever met right here!

Remember, God is faithful! He will give you the strength to go through the hills and the valleys of this healing process until we are on the mountain top!! Fear not!

The LORD of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalm 46:7

7:02:05 PM

Hello Mary,

You are most welcome!!!!

We are very happy indeed to help you in any way that we possibly can.

Also, we are really pleased that you are going to join many of us and be a recipient of the 'He Cures All Foundation'.

You will go from strength to strength following the 'sum of the parts' and having the wonderful protocol.

Also, being part of this excellent community, taking part in the calls and getting to know us all will hugely aid in your recovery.

God bless,

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