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3:03:21 PM
A prize was given to eveyone! WOW!!!

What a great time today on the call!

Everyone’s post were so amazing!

So... when Cathy kindly rewarded us all, I was full of so much excitement that I became overtaken with happiness!

I am tremendously grateful for receiving the prizes!
You’re such a blessing Cathy!!

Thank you sooo much!!


2:16:17 PM

Oh wow how all the entries are looking good!

I wanted to share some on the rewards of the essential oils because I’ve been usuing them for years and so the excitement when they began carrying essential oil’s was awesome and as they went along adding more oils with so many more amazing benefits, it was even easier to be more giddy:-)

Oh the benefits of clove. It has so many but some of the biggest ones that’s so beneficial is great for tooth pain, the smell alone is my all-time favorite. Clove has also been proven to be beneficial for one’s memory/brain. Not to mention all of the skin benefits too!

And then there’s a geranium. Geranium is well known to be used for hormonal imbalance, insomnia digestion, depression, neuralgia, the skin and many more! Geranium is also very well known to help with the liver in cleansing!

One of my favorites is oregano. Warning keep your cats away from it should you have any, because it makes them go crazy (it’s kinda funny!) oregano is so good for anything to do with your bronchial lining for asthma, and it’s an antibacterial, Great anti-fungal, parasites, viral infection and really good also for digestive systems and for your overall immune systems and muscles.

Another one that has been known for so many things is tea tree!! Just get started on a few tea tree benefits is how amazing it is for skin infections, inflammation, and influenza. It’s also been very well known to use for earaches, skin wounds, cold sores and even acne. It’s very strong is an antibacterial, antifungal and also an antioxidant. Tea tree I will also say is really good for your skin and I use it very often, absolutely love it! Oh yes and tea tree is also found helpful with scabies and shingles!

Another one is lavender. Now who doesn’t love lavender, besides for the smell and also has many amazing benefits. It also is known to help with your overall calming, Great for your skin, for hives it’s known to help with your migraine headaches assisting respiratory function helps with your sinuses and your overall nervous tension! There are so many benefits & another one is for the ladies is it’s also awesome to put in with your mascara to help thin it out and gives your eyelashes more beauty!!

There are so many more that are so beneficial especially the lemon, lemongrass & peppermint that by far is amazing all by itself, not only in your tea but especially helpful for freshening the air and for sinus problems and migraines. Oh yes, two more that I left out cinnamon absolutely love and citronella as we all know it is amazing for pest!!

So you can see the benefits of the essential oils that are offered through natural genesis are a definite must, Believe me you’ll fall in love with them! And if I forgot to mention they all smell so amazing!

I definitely recommend trying the essential oils. You’ll be so happy you did!


Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 12-05-20

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