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9:40:45 PM

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for your kind words Peter, Linda and Robin. I love everything about eating well so I enjoy sharing it with family. It’s so nice Robin that you’re making some to freeze, great idea!

I have a recipes for pumpkin cookies, so I’ll try to get it posted this week. What’s so great about pumpkin is when you’re adding one to two tablespoons to your oatmeal or a shake, it’s so good for you, very filling and the carb count in that aspect is relatively low.

Another really good trait is to use pumpkin as a replacement of sweet potatoes. Just bake it in the oven as it was mashed sweet potato, add some stevia, some chopped pecans and some ChocZero if you’d like for some sweetness. It’s so Yummy!!

I hope y’all enjoy & have a Merry Christmas!!
Rockin Robin

8:58:19 AM

Dear Tea,

Love the post about pumpkin!!!! I love it, but have not been eating it. I am going to buy fresh, cook in microwave to eat with Kerrygold butter and freeze some in ziplock bags for later uses, so I have some stored.

Do you have any recipes with it that we can have??

Thank you so much for posting this!!
I can't wait to try ways to add it to the diet!!

I looked uo fiber and carb count in 1/2 cup:

carbs 6 / fiber 1.5 = 4.5 in half a cup

Not bad at all and considering all the health benefits, should be added to diet while counting daily carbs!!

Thank you again dear sister

WooHoo !!!!!!!!!

Rockin Robin

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