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9:32:57 AM


Hello folks

I want to say "thank you" to Nancy and Linda for their posts here. By sharing your experiences about the value of developing a book to record important information, you are gifting folks with a valuable tool for them to consider. Mel has asked me to share my experience as well.

During my journey to recovery, I placed a high value on keeping track of my discovery and other insights that I viewed as important. And so I began to write things down. By doing this, over time, I found a way to have on hand, an information source where I would record personal essential information for me to remember. I decided that I needed a record of my healing journey to revisit so I could stay on track.

Journaling then became my way of seeing and fulfilling the wisdom, knowledge, and science of how to heal. And I also found comfort and strength through writing things down. My journals/book, alongside my bible, became my best friends.


Your book is your personal guide to restoration. I believe Mel has given you a simple, yet valuable set of instructions on how to proceed. You will need an 8x11 three hole binder with dividers. Start your first page with Mel's web site address, phone number, coaching hours, and email.

Next, divide your binder into sections. Identify your own set of sections where you want to keep what you think is valuable to record. Let this be the foundation for how to organize your thoughts. I think it should include sections for each of the "sum of the parts" for starters. And maybe a section for the "guiding principles" where you can document your own discovery as your journey unfolds.

It might help you to include a section for the main manufacturers, where you can record the protocol contacts, dosing schedules and details of special offers etc. Maybe a conference call glossary to revisit past recordings of calls as well.

Lastly, I believe that a section where you can write about your own individual progress is important, so that you can track how far you have come in your healing journey. This will encourage and assure you that you are succeeding!

I hope this will help you to see that there is wisdom in journaling. It can become a wonderful tool to lead you into remission "sooner rather than later." And don't forget to make your bible your best friend. It is through prayer and relationship with God that we find deeper discernment about how to heal. Lean into him for wisdom too!

Strength and Love....and stay the course!

10:08:14 AM

Morgellons -

Hi you all,

What a Great post!

It really helps to keep a record and then you know where to find what you need. Plus making notes from the articles you read in our site.

Like Linda said use dividers and you can use highlighters to point out real important items. It just takes a little time to get everything together.

But it will happen, you just have to learn to have patience with yourself!

God Bless

9:32:57 AM

Morgellons - Over 95%of those who restored their health kept a BOOK!!!
Over 95%of those who restored their health kept a BOOK!!!

Hello Everyone ,

A quick reminder about The Book , that's the
Binder and paper we put together with dividers
To separate the different subjects we want to
Write down.. it's a great help to our recovery ,
Take Mel's advice and he will help make it easier
For you , if he can he will !!

Personally I am able to write down my receipts
For easy reference and I have the foods I can
Have and the ingredients I need to eliminate
From my cupboard and diet .. don't forget about
Your grocery list to and what's helps you to get
The job done .. it is a time saver and if you have
Brain fog like I do at times worse than others
It will help eliminate a lot of stress ..

Also it's wonderful for categories like cleaning
Products we can use along with tips and tricks
In keeping our environment as clean as possible.

Not to mention essential oils and diffusers that
Also help with the environmental aspect of this
Disease in our homes , cars and so on ..

I myself Read the posts from all the categories on the
Website and write all those things down in my
Book which all I have to do is open to whatever
Category I'm needing information about and
There it is without having to research it again .

Also there's recipes for mixing the essential oils
With carrier oil and how to apply it and use it on
Your skin so I highly recommend writing it down
In your book for easy reference !!

I also keep my protocol in it as well and how
I'm to take it, times and so on .

So go ahead and Get your book together and I'm sure you'll find
It extremely helpful in you journey to recovery!!

And don't forget to write down what food bother
You and what's works well with you. Make
Notes to yourself and journal how your feet
And how your days are going , your progress
And so on ..

So don't wait pull your book together and
Get on the road to good health!!

God Bless Everyone on there personally journey to getting Well !!
I hope it goes well with you and you Get there as fast as possible!!