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The HCAF Is A Wonderful Thing!!!

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7:51:08 AM


The HCAF continues in helping those with financial hardship!

The importance of the HCAF is for those who have toxic diseases and have fallen under unfortunate circumstances. It helps with providing treatment that’s so desperately needed.

Without the donations that come in, individuals would go without their needs. It also has a impact on maintaining & keeping the website up and running, which provides us all valuable information. As well as some assistance in emergency funding when an un expected circumstance should arise.

This website gives so much critical and valuable information thus making it such a powerful resource to many. An opportunity for us all, it also helps us maintain some sanity, helps us stay informed in all of our challenges and it reminds us that we are in this battle together!

I cannot stress enough how the HCAF gives us all the information we desperately need as well as questions of the protocol, ability to listen to past calls, and the positive results from the diet!!

The HCAF is here to help!! Without it, I could honestly tell you I’m not sure where I’d be!!! The impact for me personally can never be replaced and it’s because of those who give.

So I kindly ask, if you can give, please do so. What you’re donating helps provide the restoration and healing of individuals in need, not to mention the impact that has on their family as well, and this is something that’s not available anywhere else. What a true blessing! Also, please remember your gift helps play of the critical parts with others in this community and the websites!!

If all could commit to give, even a small amount regularly, many would be helped and appreciated more than you know!

Thanks so much!

11:43:31 PM


Hello y'all,

A loud shout out to NCAF! So thankful for the people that donate to help us get our protocol without your wonderful gift a lot of us might not be here today!

We are so bless to have this for our community! Pray none of you or your family ever have to go thur this!

We all our trying to get our lives back, words can never express how we feel for your help. Always praying for all and pray one day that all this suffering will be gone and no one else will have to deal with it!

It has one good thing all the people that we have made friends with and enjoying the calls and communication with everyone!
It is a wonderful experience meeting the people from all over the world and sharing our lives.

So thanks again for all of the wonderful people that help support our community! I am sure God will have a special place for you

9:58:07 AM


Hello ,

I want to thank the HCAF Foundation for
There support in making it possible for me
To be able to receive the protocol that I need
To recover from this disease of Morgellons.

I can't say enough how wonderful it is to have
Mel and All those who Contribute to The He
Cured All Foundation .

A deep heart felt Thank You for enabling me to begin the journey to Recovering my health , it goes without saying
What a wonderful thing it is these wonderful
People care enough to contribute to those of us
Who can't do it without some help . Thank You !!

I have just recently received my first month
Of the protocol and I am so grateful and encouraged
And hopeful that I am now on the path to
Recovery ...

Thanks to Mel and All that contribute
and to the Foundation if you can qualify, pay a small percentage of your protocol , and do you part to contribute toThe community, you will be helped and how
Amazing is that !!

Thank you so very much for extending your
Helping hand to those of us who could not
Otherwise afford it , we hope your generosity
Will continue and please be assured we are all very Grateful!!

Thank You and God Bless you !!

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