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1:11:06 PM

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your idea to say The Lord's Prayer in unison. It was a great idea. Thank you also for posting the words here.

Saying the Lord's Prayer together last Sunday with everyone touched my heart. I really like Karen's idea to say it together each Sunday.

I liked the idea you had a couple of weeks ago to take prayer requests at the beginning of prayer. One way we can do that without asking each person for a prayer request is, if anyone has a specific prayer request, they can hit *5 at the beginning of prayer.

I asked Mel and he said we can try doing that this Sunday.

If anyone reading this has never been to Sunday prayer and fellowship, please come and join us. You are welcome to pray, read Bible verses, read from a devotional, or just listen. There is no set thing you have to do.

God bless,

Donna M

10:05:30 AM

Hi Anna,

I loved the idea of saying the Lord's Prayer every Sunday for the Prayer/Fellowship call!

I know we were not in unison and you suggested repeating lines after the leader of the prayer which is great. I have another similar suggestion, maybe you could say the entire prayer so people could hear your pauses, inflections etc. as a practice run so to speak. The Lord's Prayer is prayed in our church every Sunday in unison and I think it is because we know exactly how it will be prayed. We can even go to other churches of the same denomination and it will be the same.

Just a thought, but as Karen said, "But even if we're not perfect, that's'll be heard from Above."

Looking forward to next Sunday's Prayer/Fellowship call! (Side note: I heard some feed back on the line, so that may be part of the problem too.)

God Bless,


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