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12:15:07 PM


It is important to remember that we all have our own individual " set point levels". This means that what affects one person may not affect another.

I had a book many years ago called Nature,s Thumbprint"( author forgotten) which explained why each person reacts differently to the same substance.

Tofu may be fine for one and bad for another.

You can get the same protein from Brussels sprouts!
And there are many sorts of tofu.

Try various foodstuffs and if you have any reaction then stop them.

Also one should not take any grains or cereals until a leaky gut is healed and even afterwards grains incl. Oats should be soaked for 24 hrs and then rinsed before use.
I have this info on very good authority.

Gluten free food and GM free food is not a fad but a necessity with toxic or auto immune disease.

Listen to your own body except when it wants sweet things.

Laura (aunt)

9:48:26 AM

Questions regarding soy products:

According to an article published by Healthline:

1. Over 90% of soy produced in the U.S. is genetically modified and the crops are sprayed with the herbicide Roundup, which may be associated with adverse effects on health.

2. Most of the soy crops in the U.S. is used to produce soybean oil, which is extracted using the chemical solvent hexane. Soybean oil supplied about 7% of calories in the U.S. diet in the year.

Before adding anything new to your diet, I encourage you to research the benefits / risks and then determine the best choice for your health.

In Christ Love,

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