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2:43:45 PM

Joe and Robin,

Thank you both for the kind words! Yes, I have a strong desire to get well but I believe we all do and we're all on our way!! We just have to keep the faith and our patience with this disease. I also can't say enough how happy I am to have fellowship with both of you, it's great getting to know you. As I said before, God answered two of my prayers in one shot - healing and fellowship. He gave me both! I'll "see" you on the calls this weekend.


12:44:01 AM

Brian - I’m just in awe of your words and guidance as a fairly new community member. You hit on every aspect and then some of the “sum of the parts” and it’s truly beautiful to see how you express your desire to getting better!

You are doing a great job and well on your way to becoming part of the 90% club in restoring your health - I have no doubt you will achieve this in such a rapid pace by following the guidance you laid out. Every member here, new or existing, will benefit greatly from this post and we are so happy and excited to have you join us on your journey.

If there’s anything else that can be added here - it’s to read, read, read... and when you’ve had just about enough, READ SOME MORE! The information here, although vast and at times hard to find when seeking specific information, is invaluable and is the key to restoring your health.

Brian - I can’t thank you enough for your efforts and desire to get better. It shines brightly in this community and we are all better for it. THANK YOU!


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