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The Fish Lives ! ! !

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8:04:50 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Everybody,

It was great fun to write a story about Buddy, the fish who defied all odds, with a little bit of help from WPS :-) It was also fun listening to everyone else's take on the story.

A big thank you to Mel, who thinks up all of the contests. You have a creative mind, Mel. You are always trying to think of ways to encourage everyone, make us laugh a little and have some fun.

A big thank you also to John B. and the lovely people at Logos, for the great prize I received. A canister of Chocolate Renaissance Activated Whey Protein with Rejuvenase. What a fantastic prize!

Another contest will be coming up soon, so be sure you all enter. Remember that if you don't enter, you can't win.

God bless,


12:12:38 PM

Hello everyone and welcome,

Last week during fellowship part of our Sunday prayer meeting we had a fun little contest;

We had all those who wish to name that fish and give there version of the original story, a chance to do so.

Cheryl was our winner and down below is her version.
The original story has been brought back as well and is
and was truly amazing!


Hi Mel,

Here is my story about Buddy, told as if it were Pamela Mae telling the story now.


My Buddy, the Beta fish, is the happiest little fish I know, swimming around to and fro, playing. But, that was not always the case.

One evening, back in 2009, I started to turn off the light, when I realized that my usually life-loving little Beta fish appeared life-less. Buddy was floating on his side on the surface of the water!

What does a person do when their much-loved pet fish appears life-less? What has helped me fight disease and get stronger and healthier?

With tears streaming down my face, I ran for the MMS and lemon juice. (That's what it was called in 2009, and we mixed it with lemon juice back then.) But how much to put in Buddy's fish home? Instinctively, I put 3 drops of MMS and 15 drops of lemon juice.

Feeling very sad, I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning, still thinking of Buddy. Could the MMS have helped him? Would I see a sign of life? Maybe a wiggle or 2 of his little tail?

When I walked into the room to see if there was any change at all in Buddy, I was amazed. There was Buddy, life-loving and happy once again, swimming to and fro in his fish home! I cannot be certain, but I think Buddy even had a brand new sparkle in his little fish eyes.

Ever since then, I have faithfully put the same amount of MMS in Buddy's water once or twice a day.

And that is how my Buddy, the Beta fish, became the happiest little fish I know!

Pamela Mae
4:48:03 PM

He STILL blows bubbles...
THE FISH SWIMS ! ! and right side up!
Glad to make you smile Sara.
A good testimony for MMS .
It came at a time when I was discussing with a very good friend their use of MMS and they were not sure.
We did not plan the fish disaster - it discovered us.

Pamela Mae

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