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This is for all the Newbies

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7:23:12 AM

Morgellons - Community members communicate daily around the world
Community members communicate daily around the world

Dear Newbies,

Welcome each and every one of you. We are sad you have this disease, but glad that you have found us. Please pay the five dollars if you haven't already and read, read and read again!! There is a vast amount of knowledge in this wonderful website.

Reach out to Mel. The first phone call is free for everyone. Further coaching is accessible for all. If you can't afford it fill in a form to get free coaching through the, 'He Cures All Foundation.'

Post in the Forum. Ask questions and learn from those who are in various different healing stages of their journey.

Come to the free Saturday Conference Call for great knowledge and support and information. Come to the free Sunday Prayer Call for Worship, fellowship and friendship. Get to know others in the same boat as you, you do not need to be alone with this hugely difficult illness, reach out!! If you feel shy at first that's okay, we understand that don't even need to give your real name. But come join us :-).

We care. We know what you are going through. We want to help you. And we want to encourage and support you in your journey. And the ethos here is Hope and Positivity. We focus on Healing not Horror stories. We focus on the positive, not the negative. Your immune system will thank you for that!!

God Bless and we look forward to talking with you,