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Rockin Robin

12:03:06 PM

Dear Brian,

Your doing wonderful !! So proud of you!! With this disease it takes time! Keep on keeping on!

As you get better, the little white fly things will disappear. Every time I opened my car door I would see them because my car was so infected. With WPS treatment for car, they will disappear. I also saw them around me in the beginning a lot. They disappeared as I got better!

Add an avocado to your shake, it makes it delicious!! I just posted the shake recipe Tea gave me in "Delicious Dining For Your Enjoyment".

Mel is going to post my other 2 favorite breakfasts - one each day in that thread.

I wash my clothes, sheet, blanket, towels and wash rags in WPS (there are special instructions for this-- - a must!!) and then I wash them in Kleen Green. Never mix the two!!

Because my new machine will only let me soak for 10 min. if I go longer, it drains the water. So, I soak for 9 min. and wash them twice in WPS. If you have a machine that will let you soak for 30 min. you are blessed!! The new ones don't do this. And I was lied to by the employee at Lowes who was helping me find one with a long soak cycle! I think he just wanted the purchase.

I made a post for newbies some time ago with a list of all approved foods I regularly eat on the diet, so you can add more. I will try to find it and ask Mel to repost it.

I feel you have a really good handle and understanding of what it takes to get well! I believe Adam does too. I would suggest you two befriend each other and you can share things and your journeys and help each other! It is only a suggestion.

I, personally gained so much from 2 friends in our community and am still gaining knowledge and things they do that has helped me!!

This is a tough journey! It is only for the brave!! Hang in there, your doing great, with time you will be well !! I am sure of it !!

Best Wishes Dear Brother,
Hugs, Rockin Robin

9:59:19 AM

Thanks Tea and Donald for the info....

Tea, still using those Polyester sheets and quilts and it really works. I don't see anything stuck in the sheets the next morning which is great. I still wash them consistently though with Borax and Kleen Green.

Donald, unfortunately I have carpets but I vacuum as much as possible. I'm also going to start working out soon but taking Mel's advice - slow and steady until I can get fully adjusted to the protocol. I also have a bottle of Kleen Green that I spray when I feel crawling. All great tips!

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