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12:48:41 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Neal,

I am glad that you have recovered from pneumonia, I have had it in the past and sure make you feel bad.

I would like to talk to you if you could please call me when you have time. I want to talk to you about ways you have dealt with breathing issues in the past that might help me.

Please get my contact information from Mel.


8:46:08 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Nicholas,

I'm so glad that you are feeling better and sounding so good on the prayer calls. I appreciate your prayers and thinking of me, it means so much.

You are also full of knowledge and determination and are doing all that you can to be well and beat this. I love to hear your little Mason in the background. It is good to hear that he is happy and healthy. You are so lucky to have him, I think that having my granddaughter is such a blessing and keeps me going knowing I have to be there for her as well as myself.

From the time I started listening to the conference calls, you have come so far, talking mores and reaching out to others and I am so happy for you.

Take good care and blessings to you and little Mason,


10:35:57 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Nick,

I am so sorry you were recently seriously unwell with pneumonia but I am so glad that you fought your way through it. Its not easy battling other health issues on top of Morgellons. It does make the fight more complicated, but, as you say, 'perseverance,' is indeed the key, and the 'sum of the parts.'

It's so good that you looked at your life and addressed what needed to change. You cut back on hours at work and took a less demanding position. As you say, health is the most important thing, without a shadow of a doubt. You took on board that stress feeds this disease like sugar, and you give rest to yourself now as much as you can. I am happy to hear that recent treatment for your COPD has helped. It's also great that your little boy realises when daddy needs to rest too :-).

You are realistic that this battle takes time, endurance, common sense, self love and self care.
You know through your own health battles not to sweat the small stuff, to cut the wheat from the chaff. Now you only focus on what is needed. We can all benefit from simplifying our lives. From the start we all need to assess and take stock of what is essential, and we need to let go of the rest.

The wonderful thing is that with this community we are not alone in this journey. It is a life line that we have each other here and the wisdom and knowledge needed to see us all through. We also have the wonderful protocol, and we have a laugh or two along the way to help us endure the stresses. There's also Mel's hockey stick if we stray from the path :-).

Here's looking forward to that day when we all walk out of that forest, healthy, happy and renewed.

God bless you,

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