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7:24:51 PM

Hello, everyone!

After I read Donna’s beautiful post on Mel’s behalf, I thought I should reinforce everything that she has said and more.

Donna is 100% correct. Mel is in a vulnerable financial position now, and it would be an unimaginable tragedy if he had to give up this website in order to pursue other avenues of economic survival.

More and more people worldwide are falling victim to Morgellons and Lyme and other toxic diseases, and there is such a paltry amount of “real” help available to the countless millions out there who have become stricken with illnesses that bring everyone to their knees, including myself. The medical community has not fully opened its eyes to the magnitude of the suffering that is taking place. When I think of the experiences so many of us have had, being rejected by doctors, family members, friends, and colleagues, it breaks my heart. God clearly led us to Mel where there is a path to wellness that is tried and true. It is more than comforting and reassuring to know that so many people have been helped my Mel, plus all of the individuals and business owners associated with this website. They have been brave and compassionate enough to help people like all of us who found that we literally had no where else to go.

Although I have never visited Mel, I am aware that he is not a wealthy person by anyone’s estimation. In fact, Mel is now the poorest he has probably ever been. Mel has owned lucrative businesses and had numerous jobs that made him A LOT of money before he got sick. When he restored his health, he promised God and himself that he would spend the rest of his life for as long as he is able to help others to restore their lives because he knows exactly how to get people there, slow and steady. He could have easily said to himself, “I’m better now, and I’m going to live it up, enjoy the rest of my years, and never look back.” I don’t know ANYONE, including myself, who could do what he does every day. In fact, Donna and I have often told each other that we just don’t have what Mel has.

Donna is also right that, at times, Mel can be gruff and blunt and no-nonsense, but he has a heart deeper than most people’s. In fact, when you know him long enough, you figure out that when he is a little tough to take, it’s usually because he’s frustrated that he can’t help even more, especially when people call him and are broken and crying and panic-stricken.

For a lengthy period of time, I paid Mel $100 a month during the time when I truly needed very regular coaching. I’m much farther along in my journey now, and although I cannot afford what I once was able to pay because of the dramatic reduction in my pay that is about to take place when I retire, I now pay for coaching by helping him out, which is why you will see a lot of posts from me in the future on all sorts of threads. I also do some project work for him, despite that fact that I am still working full-time until I retire in June. I couldn’t bear the thought of taking coaching time with him without paying in some sort of way, and I have a specific skill set that he really needs behind the scenes.

Individuals who can pay for coaching and need it really should pay. I know I risk sounding a little bossy with that statement, but I believe it to be 100%, or I wouldn’t say it. It’s not fair to take coaching from him without payment if you are able. That’s the same thing as not paying a doctor. Even though Mel isn’t a doctor, his assistance for so many people is way better than any physician out there!

Mel needs everyone’s continued financial support in order to do what he is doing. Purchasing coaching to ensure that this incredible forum continues to exist is well worth the sacrifice. Try to imagine life without it. I can’t. It literally saved my life, and the friendships and support I have received through the forum will last for the rest of my life and are so incredibly dear to me.

On a deeply personal note, I have a father who has rapidly descended into the middle stage of dementia. It has been so tragic to watch the man I worshipped as a child become a child. Mel has been there for me in some ways like the father I miss and don’t really have anymore in some truly important ways. I cannot speak to my father about my illness, which is also deeply saddening. Mel has filled part of the void. My dad used to have such a good sense of humor and was one of the few people who could get “serious Jamie” (which I am often accused of being by people who don’t really understand me!) to laugh and smile. When Mel calls, the very first thing he does is make me laugh. It doesn’t matter whether I am raging about the illness or sobbing my heart out or complaining about my symptoms, Mel knows just what to say to make me stop feeling sorry for myself. In the end, when I get better, it will probably be because he has literally taught me to be tough and strong and to take myself a lot less seriously—in a good way.

Even though, at times, I’ve been a “prodigal child” and have stubbornly refused to do what he wanted me to do, Mel just backed off and waited. When I came back recently after a two-month odyssey, he never made me feel badly. He was just glad I came back. I owe a debt of gratitude to him, especially for the help he gave me when I was a newbie and did nothing but cry and cry and cry. I shudder to think of what my life might be like now if I had never found him and this website.

I know God will always take care of Mel, but we all need to take care of him, too. PLEASE strongly consider a coaching commitment if you haven’t already made one. I can assure every single one of the newbies that you will get better much faster with coaching. Without it, you will probably make a lot of mistakes that are absolutely preventable. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help I received; I know that in my heart and soul.


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