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9:05:25 PM

My Dear Friend,

I can not even begin to post anything more perfectly said by Robin and Karen.

I am so happy that we have continued to keep in touch.

You were there for me during my darkest days and I tried with all my heart to be there for you.

We really really miss you on the calls and would love to welcome you back with open arms.

Robin has really done a fantastic job with the prayers but she has not met your level of holy intervention.

I cherish our friendship.

The community misses you and will always welcomes you back,
with our arms open wide.

God Bless,

karen (the Librarian)

11:34:43 AM
Thank you Karen from the forum to the foundation

Dear Leslie,

So often in the past months I have thought of you and greatly missed you. I felt a prompt from the Spirit weeks ago, but did not carry through.. could you forgive me for not writing and expressing my care much much sooner for you as a Sister in the Lord God? You were again in my thoughts this morning! So, when I read Robin's post a few moments ago, I felt the Lord prompt me - "Karen, write to Leslie - share you care for her and ask forgiveness".

I want you to know that from the very first Prayer and Fellowship calls of which I was a part, (starting in mid-March), I felt a deep deep respect for the woman of God that you are. The Holy Spirit's power and love were so evident in your life from the first prayer I heard you utter. I did not even know for a time that you are a Pastor - that only deepened my appreciation.

Leslie, I want you to know that I profoundly miss you. We did not know the ways and depth of your hurts and difficulties... could you forgive us, forgive me, for not asking, for not giving love and care and listening? Would you forgive us for not being there for you? For not offering support?

You are a deeply loved woman of God! Leslie, you are a prayer warrior that takes hold of God's promises and you challenge and guide us to take hold as well. The Prayer Calls are where we join together at the foot of the Cross to do battle against the enemy as one body. Would you consider rejoining the Prayer and Fellowship time and the Community?

We profoundly miss you and you are greatly loved!


Karen (the Librarian)

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