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1:31:01 AM

Thank you so much Karen (the Librarian) and JoAnna
for your suggestions & help, I will try!!

Karen (the Librarian)

8:46:31 PM

Hi Katharine,

Thankfully, the clothes in the closet problem can be solved. I am happy to read that JoAnna was successful with her methods.

Allow me to share what Mel taught me to do:

Hang the clothes that are the problem in the closet. Leave at least an inch, 2 is better, between the clothes.

Then take a large glass bowl (I use a 2 1/2 quart mixing bowl or casserole). Put it on the floor in the closet. Put a glass place underneath it.

(Have towels ready to push underneath the door quickly.)

Then put 60 drops of WPS in the bowl, then put 60 drops of Citric Acid in a small glass. Then pour the citric acid into the bowl with the WPS. Be absolutely ready to VERY QUiCKLY close the door to the closet tight. Then QUICKLY and carefully stuff the towel under the door to seal the vapors in the closet. Actually, I also close the door of that room, and stuff a towel under that door and get away fast! I wait 24 hours or so before I go back in the room. You might smell a little bit of the vapors left over, but not much.

What you have done is gassed the critters out of the clothes. For me, sometimes it took a second time when I was gassing a sweatshirt or a warm up jacket.

Mel thinks that possibly the WPS is not as strong as it used to be, so, with his blessing, you could up it to 100 or so drops of each. That could likely get the job done with only one treatment. If you do need a second treatment, it is best to wait a day or two before doing it.

Hop this is helpful! I know the closet situation can be a challenge... but thankfully there is a solution!!!


Karen (the Librarian)

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